Adding a Touch of Belgian Charm to Your Trip to Paris

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Advisor - Marilyn Fay
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A river running through a small town surrounded by trees.
Curator’s statement

I've uncovered the hidden treasures, exquisite cuisine and captivating history that Belgium offers. Imagine strolling through picturesque medieval towns, savoring world-class chocolates and indulging in the timeless beauty of Belgium's landscapes. This curated experience is a chance to expand your journey beyond Paris, indulging in the exquisite blend of charm, beauty, history and culinary delights that only Belgium can provide. Belgium is only two hours away by speed train and and opportunity to create an unforgettable fusion of two remarkable destinations.

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Day 1: Arrival at Kasteel van Ordingen

A castle on a hill.


Start your journey at a castle.

Arrive at the enchanting Kasteel van Ordingen and immerse yourself in its opulent ambiance.

Indulge in a leisurely breakfast within the castle's exquisite dining area, surrounded by historic elegance.


Embark on a guided tour through the castle's rich history and architecture.

Unwind amid the castle's picturesque gardens accompanied by a captivating book or a fine Belgian chocolate.


Relish a gourmet feast crafted from local ingredients at the castle's esteemed restaurant.

Elevate your culinary journey with a private wine tasting session featuring the finest Belgian vintages.

Day 2: Beachside Luxury

Beach with brown grass and white houses in the foreground.


Travel by train to the coastal gem of Knokke Heist, a haven of sophistication.

Settle into your accommodations at Hotel Britannia on Elizabetlaan 85, Knokke-Heist, Belgium, and take a moment to explore the nearby treasures.


Embrace the scenic beauty on a bike ride to Zwin Natuur Park and venture into the charming Dutch town of Sluis.


Immerse yourself in Knokke Heist's thriving art scene by exploring contemporary galleries.

Delight in an extraordinary Michelin-starred dinner, an ode to Belgium's culinary excellence.

Day 3: Journey to Bruges

Road in between houses.


Relish a leisurely morning at your Knokke Heist haven.


Savor a delightful lunch of mussels and Belgian fries, relishing a seaside view.

Arrive in the enchanting city of Bruges and find solace at Hotel de Orangerie in Bruges, Belgium.

Embark on a private walking tour, traversing Bruges' quaint streets and romantic canals.


Indulge in a delectable beer tasting menu, showcasing Belgium's famous Cherry Beer.

Experience a candlelit dinner at a local restaurant celebrated for its authentic Belgian classics.

Day 4: Exploring charming Bruges

Boat packed with tourists passing houses


Begin your day with exploring the medieval charm of Bruges.


Delight in a gourmet picnic lunch amid the idyllic beauty of Minnewater Park.

Stroll through the captivating St. Anna's District, exploring its boutique shops, the Chocolate Museum and intriguing art studios.


Set sail on a private canal cruise, embracing Bruges' enchanting evening allure.

Experience a live concert at the Sint-Annakerk, a fantastic venue for music

Conclude your remarkable journey with a farewell dinner at a charming local brasserie.

Day 5: Return to Paris

A man standing on a platform next to a train.

High speed train back to Paris or to Brussels for your flight home.

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Advisor - Marilyn Fay

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