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Irvine, California

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English and Mandarin

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🌍✈️ Luxury & Dog-Friendly Travel Guru 🐾🏨

Embark on unforgettable journeys with a touch of opulence and the comfort of canine companionship! 🌟 As your dedicated travel advisor, I specialize in curating unparalleled luxury experiences that seamlessly blend the world of travel and the joy of having your furry friend by your side.

🏖️ Jet-Set with Fido: From posh beachside resorts to charming countryside hideaways, I'm your go-to for crafting pet-friendly escapades that cater to both your sophisticated tastes and your beloved pup's wagging tail.

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Travel style

🌆 Globe-Trot in Style: Wanderlust knows no bounds, and neither does your desire for elegance. Allow me to create bespoke itineraries that whisk you away to the most breathtaking destinations, ensuring every moment is steeped in luxury and tailored to your preferences.

🐶 Paws and Pampering: No need to leave your four-legged friend behind! Unleash the adventure as I reveal a world of lavish accommodations, exclusive pet-friendly amenities, and experiences that'll have tails wagging in excitement.

🌐 International and Beyond: Whether you're yearning for the treasures of far-off lands or seeking hidden gems closer to home, my expertise extends across borders, guaranteeing you a first-class journey, whether near or far.

Let's transform your travel dreams into a reality that's steeped in indulgence and shared with your furry sidekick. Get ready to explore the world with flair, luxury, and the warmth of your pup's companionship. Your passport to posh adventures awaits! 🗺️🐕✨

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Advisor - Sandy Chen

Travel Advisor

Sandy Chen