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Woman wearing blue shirt sitting at table with white umbrella in background during daytime


Dessert-addict and LA mom of two teens who dreams of chucking it all and moving to France. l love to travel with my girlfriends, my sisters and my kids. I daydream about room service.

Home airports

LAX for most travel, Burbank for closer trips.

My travel style

Recovering luxury travel snob, who slowly realized that the most expensive, didn't always mean the best or most fun! I love trying as many regional desserts as I can, and I want to find where the locals eat. Vacations should be a good mix of chill time and exploring, with lots of aimless meandering. I'm excited to open the world to as many people as I can!

Favorite hotels

Recently returned from:

  • Restaurant hopping in Paris.

  • Driving through Tuscany and sampling Chiantis.

  • Hiking in Cinque Terre.

  • Getting my Shakespeare fix at the Globe in London.

Dreaming of:

  • Communing with monkeys in Costa Rica.

  • Exploring all of Croatia.

  • Yelling "Roll Tide" in person at Bryant-Denny Stadium.

  • Reading on a beach in Koh Samui.

One thing I can't travel without...

A good book.

Two truths, one lie:

  1. I once paid $100 for a Coke in Monaco.

  2. My family left a whole luggage trolley at Heathrow, and it was still there the next day.

  3. I was almost hit by a cyclist watching the Tour de France.

Woman wearing blue shirt sitting at table with white umbrella in background during daytime

Travel Advisor

Leigh Niles Reason

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