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Advisor - Latoria Barrow


Living in Tampa Bay, you can often find me at the beach or waiting on a plane to go somewhere new. Boutique hotels are a vibe. Vineyards with a mountain view is my oasis when away from the ocean.

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Home airports

TIA for pretty much everything. Will use SRQ and PIE if the price is right.

My travel style

Former office manager, now globetrotting mermaid. I love experiencing the world one place at a time. My favorite place is always the next one – a place I haven't been, a sight not seen, taste not tasted. I am often in search of culinary and cultural adventures. You can find me relaxing on a cruise or trekking through the forest in search of a waterfall.

Favorite hotels

Recently returned from:

  • Winery hopping in Soave. 

  • Enjoying tapas in Malaga. 

  • Meandering the streets on Old San Juan to find the perfect alcapurria after hiking El Yunque. 

  • Resetting at Sky Lagoon in Reykjavík after exploring the Golden Circle.

Dreaming of:

  • Culinary and wine adventures in Argentina and Chile. 

  • Spice shopping in Morocco. 

  • Cruise to Antarctica. 

  • Safari in Kenya.

One thing I can't travel without...

Portable USB fan.

Two truths, one lie:

  1. While in Malaga, Spain I performed on the streets with Flamenco dancers. 

  2. I got lost in Verona with five bags of groceries stuffed in my backpack and had to ask the police for directions back to the river. 

  3. My body was in Copenhagen but my luggage in Orlando, Florida. The two didn't meet for 14 days and I had to purchase clothes at ALDI two hours before my cruise.

Advisor - Latoria Barrow

Travel Advisor

Latoria Barrow

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