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I’m a continual learner who loves creating and observing stories. Bring me a bowl of hot tonkotsu ramen after a day of new sights and experiences, and I’m happy!

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I like to experience the distinctive qualities of each destination I travel to. I often opt for accommodations that reflect the local aesthetic, whether it's a luxury boutique hotel or a charming yurt (or yacht). I want to get lost in the local music and savor the local cuisine. What I look for is sustainable, immersive travel that energizes and inspires. It's about finding the right balance between rest and rejuvenation, learning and luxury, adventure and appreciation. One size does not fit all! That's why a well-planned itinerary with room for spontaneity is the perfect recipe for an unforgettable adventure!

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I would've passed right on by this location if not for Jasmine's recommendation. I'm so glad I worked with her to help make what otherwise would've been a standard stay into a memorable night in St. Louis!

Jasmine is so great to work with! She is so knowledgeable and readily available to answer any questions. I will be booking with her again!

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Advisor - Jasmine Jackson

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Jasmine Jackson