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Undercover Midwest mermaid who needs to dip her toes in the sea regularly to stay salty. Passionate about work-life balance and finding the perfect, zen travel spots to reset the mind, body and soul.

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Similar to real estate if photos of a hotel room online bore me with how “vanilla” or “normal” they look I usually won’t bother looking at the rest! I seek out beautiful and unique environments that invoke a strong connection the moment you lay eyes on them. I want to not only experience a place physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well. Feeling deep connections the moment I arrive in a location is almost always a given based on the intentionality and purpose I put into choosing a destination. I tend to seek out places “off the beaten path” or places that locals recommend because they usually turn out to be the absolute best places to spend time.

Favorite hotels

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The Rookery

Quirky boutique property in houses from the 18th-century with antique rooms and suites.

House of Gods Hotel

Versailles-inspired boutique hotel with elegant rooms and suites.

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Beautiful travel advsior at a spectacular place with beautiful flower tree

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April Dro