Vacancy or No Vacancy? Introducing a New Business Feature for Fora Advisors

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Fora Author Jake Peters

Co-Founder & Chief Product/Technology Officer

Jake Peters

    Nope, we’re not talking about hotel vacancies… though we don’t blame you for thinking that! 

    At Fora, our mission is built on the future of work. We’re here to help anyone become a travel entrepreneur, whether it’s as a side hustle, a passion project or a full-time remote gig. And here’s the best part: Fora Advisors always get to call the shots.

    In fact, we’re leveling-up the advisor experience to offer even more flexibility and work-life balance with a new feature we’re calling “No Vacancy.” Advisors can now step away from their proverbial desks whenever they want to. 

    Think of it as a “No Vacancy” sign for your business profile. When our advisors have the feature enabled, they signify that they are not currently accepting new clients or booking new trips. This setting can be turned on or off with ease, allowing Fora Advisors to decide when they want to work and when they want to unplug. In other words? Advisors can prioritize ‘the hustle’ and make time for R&R – always on their terms. 

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    If you're currently a Fora Advisor and want to turn on the No Vacancy feature, reach out to support.

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