Oct 26, 2022



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Introducing New Features on Fora Advisor Profiles: Pronouns and Social Links

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We like to think of Fora Advisors profiles as their little corners of the internet – where they can showcase their travel style, express their personality and peacock their expertise through curated travel guides.

We’re excited to announce two new features of Fora Advisor profiles that are designed to personalize the pages even further. 

First, we’ve introduced pronouns. When building their profile, Fora Advisors can select their preferred pronouns (such as she/her or they/them). Better yet, they can choose the order in which these pronouns display (such as they/he). Or, advisors can opt to not display pronouns at all. Incorporating these pronouns – always on advisors’ terms – may seem like a small effort, but it comes with an important impact. As we build a more inclusive community in the travel space, we’re committed to making every person feel welcome, respected and included from the get-go.

She/Her pronouns displayed on a Fora profile

Second, we’re getting social. Fora Advisors can now display social media icons that link directly to their Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as personal websites. This way, Fora Advisors can seamlessly connect their social networks to their Fora profile (and vice versa) and drive demand to their travel business.

We’re excited to launch these new features in service of our advisors. Here’s to many more upgrades – large and small! 

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Current advisors, don’t worry; you’ll also be able to add pronouns and/or social links to your profiles. Reach out to support for assistance.


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