Introducing Fora’s “Magic” Article Feature: Why We Made it, And What Makes it Magic

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Fora Author Jake Peters

Co-Founder & Chief Product/Technology Officer

Jake Peters

    At Fora, we’re all about upgrades. Whether we’re leveling-up your travel experience or advancing our advisor technology, our mission is to upgrade the travel industry as a whole – so everyone can win. (Read more about our vision: A Better Equation in Travel).

    Our latest upgrade? An innovative feature that allows Fora Advisors to personalize and share travel content with the push of a button. As part of the launch of our brand-new blog, The Journal, this feature transforms Fora’s travel articles to include personalized advisor bylines and calls-to-action to get in touch. And it only takes a second. Magic, right?

    Here’s ‘The Why:’ with this technology, advisors can skip the heavy lifting of content marketing by leveraging our existing travel content. They can drive demand to their network seamlessly, with personalized and shareable articles written by our in-house editorial team. This way, advisors are freed up to do what they do best: plan travel. Like we said, everyone wins.

    How we did it… well, that’s the magic – and a magician never reveals their secrets. But we’ll tell you how it works for our advisors:

    1. Find an article to share. Our in-house team of content creators keeps a close pulse on the latest booking & travel trends and curates share-worthy content for Fora Advisors to use. 

    2. Add your unique code to the URL. Each of our Fora Advisors has a unique code that they can add onto our articles to make the magic happen. 

    3. Press enter & voila! Customized content to share with your clients via email, social, text, you name it.

    Want to use our magic blog feature? Become a travel advisor today.

    As a company rooted in boundary-pushing technology, we couldn’t be more excited to launch this feature in service of our advisors and their travel businesses. Here’s to many, many more upgrades (and of course, magic!).

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