How Fora’s Client Lead Program Empowers Travel Advisors

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Fora Author Henley Vazquez


Henley Vazquez

    Lead generation for new clients is notoriously tricky in the travel advisor industry. Just a few weeks shy of our second birthday, we’re thrilled to roll out a new initiative to level the playing field: our Client Lead Program. 

    And we’re proud that it’s already delivering results for our network of advisors: it is on pace to deliver more than $2.5 million in bookings this year. 

    As a travel advisor myself — I started my career 15 years ago — I understand that one of the hardest things about being a travel advisor is building your book of business. We’ve built out the Client Lead Program to put power in the hands of Fora Advisors. The Client Lead Program provides them with tools and resources to reach new clients. 

    Fora’s Client Lead Program empowers its advisors in two unique ways. The first is user-generated content published on Fora’s platform. Advisors can create unlimited content, like their business profile, travel guides and custom itineraries, all aimed at demonstrating their expertise. This content is published on Fora’s website and optimized with client contact forms that directly link potential clients to advisors. To date, advisors have received thousands of leads from their content and are collectively booking over $150k per month as a result of their user-generated content. 

    The second is Fora’s lead assignment program, which was launched earlier this year for advisors with ‘Pro’ status. Eligible advisors can choose to take on leads (new clients and trips) that come in directly to Fora by way of referrals, social media and Fora’s website. Fora Advisors earn the same commission on trips generated through the Client Lead Program as they do for trips sourced on their own.

    At Fora, we are continually working to set a new standard in the industry, creating a space for advisors to grow a serious travel business in a modern way.


    Author - Henley Vazquez
    Henley Vazquez

    Henley Vazquez is the co-founder of Fora and a seasoned travel advisor. She's built her career through fostering meaningful relationships and developing opportunities for her community. A self-proclaimed hotel junkie, Henley is driven by match-making the perfect property to each traveler's unique style.