Dec 6, 2022



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Announcing Fora’s Partner Pages: A Homebase for Hotel Perks (and Beyond)

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Have you heard the news? Traveling with Fora means traveling like a VIP, with perks, upgrades and credits at 3,500+ hotels around the world. And, thanks to Fora’s newly launched partner pages, unlocking these perks is that much easier.

Fora’s partner pages shine a spotlight on our network of partners around the world – including hotels, cruises & experiences (DMCs) – and the unique perks that travelers receive when booking through a Fora Advisor. 

A tool for travelers and Fora Advisors alike, the suite of partner pages includes a library of our travel partners worldwide. This page navigates to dozens of individual pages, each dedicated to a specific partner, from Rosewood Hotels to Remote Year (and the list continues to grow). These unique pages provide an overview of the travel partner – breaking down the basics of benefits programs like Hyatt Privé, memberships like Four Seasons Preferred and many, many more. Plus, each page outlines the top-of-the-line perks that Fora Advisors unlock for their travelers. And we’re not talking about the everyday room upgrade (though that’s great too), but luxe airport transfers, VIP amenities and hotel credits.

Check out our partners to learn more – and unlock Fora perks for your next trip.


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