Hotels in Niagara Falls, NY: Are There Good Options? (Hint: Yes)

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    Need recs for great hotels in Niagara Falls, NY? We have three solid choices for you, all on the scenic and quiet side of the border.

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    Is it better to stay on the New York or Canadian side of Niagara Falls?

    It depends. The New York side offers more access to outdoorsy activities like hiking trails, which do exist to a lesser extent on the Canadian side. The New York side of Niagara Falls is also much closer to the actual falls — although, the most famous waterfall, Horseshoe Falls, is best seen from the Canadian side.

    On the other hand, the Canadian side has much more variety in terms of hotels and things to do in an urban setting — think casinos, shopping, museums and so on. These all exist on the New York side, too, but your options are limited.

    Big picture: the Canadian side of Niagara Falls offers more in terms of the total package. But the New York side is much easier to visit if you’re planning a shorter trip or don’t want to deal with having to get a passport. 

    (Need more vacation ideas? Make Niagara Falls a day trip from Lake Ontario or extend your vacation to 10 days across Ontario.)

    3 great hotels in Niagara Falls, NY

    Nearly all the hotels on the New York side of Niagara Falls offer basic two- and three-star accommodations. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with these choices (usually), if you’re looking for a more elegant stay, you might prefer these hotels in Niagara Falls, NY instead.

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    (P.S. Looking for the best view spots of Niagara Falls? Check out our curated guide.)

    1. The Giacomo Hotel: a luxe boutique hotel on the American side of Niagara Falls

    Within walking distance of the Cave of the Winds plaza at Niagara Falls State Park, The Giacomo is housed within the historic United Office Building, first built in 1929. There are only 44 rooms here, all of which offer a degree of elegance you’ll be hard-pressed to find at most neighboring hotels in Niagara Falls, NY.

    The hotel also features a surprisingly unique blend of Mayan revival and Art Deco styles, which is about as rare as it sounds.

    2. Seneca Niagara Resort & Casino: a fun hotel in Niagara Falls, NY with plenty to do beyond touring the waterfalls

    If you want to add some excitement to your Niagara Falls trip (not that the waterfalls aren’t incredible to witness), Seneca Niagara Resort & Casino offers plenty to do. There’s a large casino floor, plenty of restaurants, a spa and frequent shows featuring well-known names at the hotel’s event center.

    As for the Niagara Falls hotel itself, the accommodations are perhaps simpler than what you might expect from a four-star hotel. Nonetheless, they’re comfortable and cozy. Even better, the views from the high-rise rooms are quite scenic.

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    Note: Seneca Niagara Resort & Casino has smoking-room options.

    3. voco The Cadence, an IHG Hotel: a nice, contemporary boutique hotel in Niagara Falls, NY

    The Cadence is a recent entry among hotels in Niagara Falls, NY, and likewise, the decor sports a trendier theme and more contemporary furnishings. This quiet boutique hotel is also within walking distance of both the Seneca Casino and some of the best views on the American side of the falls. 

    So, consider The Cadence to be an intimate alternative to staying amongst the grandeur of the casino itself. The hotel also features Sēvā Kitchen and Bar, a stylish place to grab tapas and cocktails after a busy day exploring the falls. 

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