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    At Fora, we’re all about shaking up the travel agent industry, one awesome trip at a time. And we’re thrilled to announce an exciting milestone: as of this month, our advisor community has a total of 15,000 trips under their belt!

    These adventures span the world over — from epic, multi-generational safaris to staycations and tropical getaways, urban retreats and outdoorsy pursuits — and everything (and we mean everything) in between. 

    Feeling inspired? Indulge your wanderlust with ten of our favorite guides, from a three-day trip to Strasbourg to a girls’ getaway to Miami.

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    Stateside stays

    Off-the-Beaten Path Savannah Guide

    "Savannah, Georgia is much more than southern charm and history. It feels electric, with new chic hotels, fantastic restaurants and hip rooftop bars. But if culture and history are your thing then Savannah delivers — visit several small-but-well-curated art & history museums, historic churches and even the first Jewish synagogue in the United States."

    - Fora Advisor Martha Pearlstone

    Check out Martha's off-the-beaten path Savannah itinerary and book your trip to Savannah:

    A Perfect Itinerary for a Girls' Getaway to Miami, Florida

    "Miami, Florida is a legendary destination and especially fun with your best gals at your side. It is always a good idea, whether it be a birthday, a bachelorette party or simply a girls' getaway. Come here for its excellent dining and nightlife scene while enjoying its spa, aquatic activities and shopping. Miami has something for just about everyone."

    - Fora Advisor Sadie Marie

    Check out Sadie's girls' trip to Miami itinerary and book your trip to Miami:

    Local's Guide to the Best of Oahu, Hawaii

    "There is a myriad of beautiful spots and things to do on Oahu, the most populated Hawaiian island. Go local all the way for meals. There are white-sand beaches, and the marine life is bountiful. There is something for everyone, and that is why this island is referred to as 'The Gathering Place,' where you will find the warm welcome of Aloha everywhere you turn."

    - Fora Advisor Cindy Rhee

    Check out Cindy's local's guide to Oahu and book your trip to Oahu:

    Romantic Weekend in Washington, Connecticut

    "Washington, Connecticut, is a beautiful destination close to New York City with great spas, excellent restaurants and antique shopping. It’s the perfect getaway for romance and relaxation without having to take the plane and head far out. And yet, it’s just far enough from the metropolis that it feels like a country vacation."

    - Fora Advisor Jill Marie

    Check out Jill's guide to things to do in Washington, Connecticut, and book your trip to Connecticut:

    Foodie favorites

    A Guide to Food and Culture in Turin

    "Torino, Italy, really is a magical place. Unfortunately, it is often overlooked by North American travelers. I lived in Torino for two years, and this is a collection of my top spots for the traveler who wants to immerse themselves in Italy's first capital city. Hopefully I can inspire more people to put this incredible Italian city on their European itineraries!"

    - Fora Advisor Sara Graham-Baldi

    Check out Sara's Torino food guide and book your trip to Italy:

    Art, Culture & Food in Cartagena, Colombia

    "Cartagena, on the northern coast of Colombia, is a magical city rich in history, food and culture, featuring quite a few historic figures, international musicians and plenty of folktales. It is undoubtedly one of the most colorful and happiest cities I’ve come across."

    - Fora Advisor Irving Macario

    Check out Irving's Cartagena culture guide and book your trip to South America today:

    Foodie's Guide to the Best Restaurants in Lima, Peru

    "Lima is home to a world-class food scene while offering attractive prices for international travelers. Many times skipped over by visitors on their way to Machu Picchu, Lima is a must-see destination for any foodie. Check out my recommendations for the best restaurants in Lima, Peru!"

    - Fora Advisor Sandy Kirk

    Check out Sandy's guide to the best restaurants in Miraflores, and in Lima at large, and book your trip to Peru today:

    European charm

    Alpine Adventure into Switzerland's Winter Wonderland

    "Switzerland is stunning year-round, but there is something magical about visiting in winter. Whether you love winter sports, enjoy tasting traditional Swiss cuisine or want to appreciate glaciers and snowy mountains at their most glorious time, there is something for everyone in Switzerland during the winter months."

    - Fora Advisor Arielle Wat

    Check out Arielle's Switzerland winter wonderland guide and book your trip to Switzerland:

    Winter Wonderland in Strasbourg, France

    "It is impossible not to feel joy as you stroll the streets of Strasbourg, France around the holidays. The entire town goes all out with decorations, creating the most incredible ambiance. Indulge in traditional street food, pick up gifts for your family and friends and enjoy vin chaud as you wander the picturesque streets of Strasbourg."

    - Fora Advisor Amanda Faulkenberg

    Check out Amanda's guide to Strasbourg in winter and book your trip to Strasbourg:

    Must-See Medieval Cities & Castles in Bavaria, Germany

    "The splendor of Germany's varied scenery, marvelous castles, stunning churches and idyllic villages — combined with modern social efficiency in our ever-changing world — took my breath away. Germany is a place that should be on any traveler's list of 'must-see' destinations!"

    - Fora Advisor Scott Ritter

    Check out Scott's guide to medieval cities in Germany and book your trip to Germany:

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