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Curious about how to become a travel agent, or how to become a luxury travel agent? Then you might be thinking about your options for travel agent training.

Read on to discover how we at Fora set ourselves apart when it comes to travel agent training programs, plus a few tips to make your training more worthwhile.

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How do people become travel agents? What kind of travel agent training is available?

Traditionally, people become independent travel agents the same way they join most other professions: schooling and a job search, usually at separate institutions. (Our article, "What is a Travel Agent?" provides a nice overview of what this career can look like.)

Many old-school agencies argue that the additional schooling and advanced travel degrees make prospective agents more desirable to work with. We disagree (more on that later).

The end goal of some traditional travel agent training is to obtain a sort of travel agent certification, which tells agencies and clients that you know how to book accommodations and plan experiences on others’ behalf. As our guide covers in more detail, this kind of certification isn’t required by law so much as it's a requirement by specific travel agencies.

Some travel agencies may also require prospective agents to have at least earned an associate’s degree.

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Is there a “best degree for travel agents?”

Not necessarily. 

Some agencies may have preferences for degrees in fields such as hospitality, tourism or foreign affairs — all of which may grant holders a useful perspective — but there’s no widely accepted answer to this question. For this reason, many agencies require additional travel agent training.

How many years of experience do you normally need to be a travel agent?

This varies by agency. Fora welcomes individuals who are passionate about travel, have a roll-up-your-sleeves attitude and have a desire to learn and grow. Learn more about why Fora is different from other agencies below.

What can you expect from traditional travel agent training programs or schools?

Typical travel agent training programs vary by institution. But it’s fair to say that many are expensive, and some schools and programs struggle to keep up with a field that’s constantly evolving. In other words, what you’re taught may not necessarily apply to your career.

So is Fora different when it comes to travel agent training? You bet.

Fora Advisors and HQ staff on a Virgin Voyages FAM trip

Fora is different from other travel agencies in a ton of ways, including how travel agents get paid. And yes, Fora does travel agent training differently, too. Here’s how.

Fora is accessible to anyone willing to put in the work

For one, Fora travel agents (a.k.a. Fora Advisors) come from a variety of backgrounds, professions and walks of life, though they have one thing in common: a love of travel. (Learn more about how to become a travel agent.)

And while some of our advisors were travel pros before joining our team, many are new to the formal travel-advising space. We pride ourselves on having a warm and inclusive community, constantly sharing tips for how to be a successful travel advisor.

We provide all the travel agent training you need

Fora provides in-house travel agent training as part of our advisor plan. This plan also grants advisors access to our extensive network of hotel partners, business resources and much more. 

Training can be done on your own time, and it’s fully remote (in case you were wondering how to become a travel agent from home).

Our travel agent training covers all types of travel, from cruises to group bookings & more

Fora travel agent training covers everything from the basics to the most advanced types of bookings.

Want to know how to become a cruise travel agent? Or perhaps you’re curious about how to become a Disney travel agent? No problem. 

Connect with us to learn more about Fora travel agent training

Ultimately, the best way to become a Fora Advisor is to dive in. We can tell you all you need to know on how to become a travel agent — or a travel advisor, as we prefer.

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