Get Paid to Book Travel: Why Travel Advising is One of the Best At-Home Jobs for Moms & Dads

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    Being a parent is a full-time job. You somehow do it all — and look great while doing it. But if you’re craving a fun and fulfilling gig unrelated to kids or childcare, or want an entirely new job you can pursue from your own home, we’ve got you. 

    Online jobs are having a moment, and work-from-home opportunities (online tutors, data entry specialists, virtual assistants, proofreaders) seem to have overtaken job sites. But we can help narrow down your job search: being a Fora Advisor (a.k.a. the modern travel agent) is one of the best at-home jobs for moms. (It’s also one of the best jobs for moms and dads in general.) 

    As a mom (or dad), you’re already a planning pro. Why not get paid for booking your girlfriend’s weekend getaway or your in-law’s European river cruise? Why not make money for organizing the multi-room booking you made for your kid’s dance team? That’s where Fora comes in.

    Whether you’re a single mom or dad, a stay-at-home mom or dad, a caretaker with a traditional 9-to-5 or someone who already works part-time, Fora gives you everything you need — training, tech, travel knowledge, support — to do great work, get paid and create a thriving travel business you love.

    Read on to learn more about why being a Fora Advisor is one of the best work-from-home jobs for moms and dads. Then, sign up to become an advisor today.

    Fora knows that the best at-home jobs for moms and dads are *actually* flexible

    Even in this era of remote work, flexible schedules are hard to come by. But travel advising is an ideal side hustle for stay-at-home moms and dads because of the flexibility baked into Fora’s ethos. (Our co-founder Henley Vazquez is a mom of three.) You get to determine your own schedule.

    The best jobs for stay-at-home moms and caregivers should allow you to pick up your kids from daycare, attend the high school play and enjoy some much-deserved alone time without any stress. You shouldn’t have to worry about being “on” or missing a Zoom meeting.

    Fora’s travel agent training is completely online and self-paced. In other words, you work when you want: during nap time, after dropping the kids off, at the dentist’s office — you get the idea. We host live webinars and office-hour sessions throughout the week, but these sessions are always optional. Plus, you’ll be able to access the recordings if one of the live trainings didn’t work with your schedule. And let’s face it, moms’ and dads' schedules are constantly hit with the unexpected. (This flexibility is also a reason being a Fora Advisor is a great part-time job for moms and dads.)

    Fora is for everyone, whether you have previous experience as an advisor or are a travel-industry beginner. We teach you everything you need to know about how to become a travel agent. We’ll cover how to book hotels (and so much more: see the types of bookings you can make as a Fora Advisor), how travel agents get clients, the ins and outs of trending destinations, how to market yourself…we could go on. 

    And again, you can attend as much or as little as you’d like (we’re all about work-life balance). How deep you go is totally up to you, and we’re here to support you regardless of the path you choose. When we say being a Fora Advisor is a flexible job, we mean it.

    Fora’s tech tools make at-home work seamless & efficient

    As a parent, your plate is perpetually full. Working as a travel advisor should be fun, which is why Fora’s engineering and finance teams take care of all the un-sexy logistics. We want you to be able to direct your energy to the things that matter, and make some extra money in the process.

    Take booking, for instance. We built our very own integrated booking platform to make securing a room a breeze. (Hear why our advisors love it.) Say goodbye to clunky websites and open-tab anxiety. Our platform shows you the hotel rates, what perks we get at that hotel (and thanks to Fora’s partnerships, we get perks at over 4,500 travel partners around the globe) and the hotel’s commission percentage. (Another plus: Fora Advisors receive enhanced commission at many of our hotel partners.) 

    The booking platform takes the headache out of booking. Even better, it’s integrated with Fora’s other best-in-class tech tools, like the Vault, which securely stores client credit card information. All you need to do is text your client (or mother-in-law, best friend, partner…) a secure link. They enter in the info, and voilà. You have their card on file to make bookings on their behalf. Not only is it secure, but it takes the awkwardness out of asking a friend or family member for their payment information (we get it).

    Speaking of integrated platforms, the booking platform (Vault included) lives inside Portal, your one-stop shop for booking history, client info, commission payment status, hotel research, marketing resources and more. We keep track of all of this for you, so you don’t have to waste mental energy on the nitty gritty. Our finance team also invoices travel partners for you, and ensures you get paid. No need to worry about chasing down hotels for your well-earned commission. We’ve got you there, too.

    Another reason being a Fora Advisor is a great job opportunity for stay-at-home parents? Fora’s marketing team helps you shine — even from home

    Building your own business at home — and marketing yourself — can be daunting. When you work at home, it can be difficult to make yourself visible to your desired audience. Not to worry: Fora’s marketing team has your back. We make it easy for you to market travel business like a pro, so you can showcase your skills and knowledge and attract clients, even when you're working remotely.

    Our social media manager regularly designs beautiful social media post templates you can use to advertise your services, and our editorial team creates customizable articles and email templates you can share with your network. 

    When you join Fora, you’ll be prompted to fill out a brief questionnaire about your travel style, fave hotels, etc., which our team then transforms into your own Fora profile. Think of your profile as your very own website, a landing page primed for attracting clients. Your profile is also where we display any guides or trip reports you create. These pieces of content help showcase your expertise, and increase the likelihood of attracting client leads. (See more about Fora’s stellar lead program.) Even better, our team has incorporated SEO (search engine optimization) into the web design for these pieces of content, and we further optimize your guides and trip reports for Google search, increasing the likelihood a user will come across your guide and, ultimately, book a trip with you.

    Fora’s marketing team also hosts various webinars on everything from content creation best practices to how to leverage different social media platforms as the business owner you are. You’ll be able to learn directly from our social media specialists and watch your business take off.

    Remote jobs should not require any graphic design or marketing experience, nor should it necessitate a super-specialized skill set. At Fora, we take care of all of that for you, so you can focus on what you do best.

    Intrigued? Sign up to become an advisor today.

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