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Advisor - Terrell Morrison


A travel-addict who loves going on nature trips. I have been to the waterfalls in Roswell, Georgia and love to take lots of photos with friends. It brings back great memories.

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Home airports

Hartsfield-Atlanta Airport.

My travel style

My travel style would be a nice location that is exciting and has lots of events I have never been to before. I enjoy staying in luxurious hotels where I can go outside, take a deep breath and feel relaxed over my balcony while watching the scenery. I prefer to have multiple choices of restaurants to eat at and be not too far from local grocery markets and nearby malls.

Favorite hotels

Recently returned from:

  • Soaking up the sun in Jamaica at Snoop Lion’s Resort.

  • Experiencing life 10,000 ft underwater via submarine in Cozumel, Mexico.

  • Catching the train to Harlem in NYC.

  • Enjoying New Orleans (my hometown) hospitality and nightlife.

Dreaming of:

  • Iceland to see the aurora borealis in the sky at night. 

  • Ireland to get closer to my ancestors.

  • Jerusalem to see the tomb of Jesus.

  • India to eat all the great food.

One thing I can't travel without...

A long list of great restaurants to eat and fun events to attend.

Two truths, one lie:

  1. I visited an abandoned church and found out it was haunted later on. 

  2. I got kicked out of Starbucks for not paying for a drink after I finished drinking it. 

  3. I rode a bike in the mountains once.

Advisor - Terrell Morrison

Travel Advisor

Terrell Morrison

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