Immersive Safari & Beach Experience in Tanzania

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Immersive Safari & Beach Experience in Tanzania
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In 2017, I had the privilege of being invited on a luxury familiarization trip to Tanzania, a pivotal moment marking my inaugural safari and introduction to the beauty of Africa - an eye-opening journey that left an indelible mark on my travel repertoire. Here's a glimpse into the unforgettable highlights and must-do experiences of this extraordinary adventure in Tanzania!

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Where to stay

Elewana The Manor at Ngorongoro

Boutique farmhouse lodge on a coffee estate with cozy rooms offering views of the surrounding conservation area.

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  • Breakfast daily.

  • Upgrade & extended check-in/out whenever possible.

Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti

Supreme comfort deep in the Serengeti, with uninterrupted views of the savannah and elevated rooms designed to connect you with nature.

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  • When you book Four Seasons through Fora, you will enjoy exclusive Four Seasons Preferred Partner benefits. Your advisor will be pleased to give you more details.

Singita Grumeti

Singita Grumeti is a renowned luxury safari destination in Tanzania, known for its exceptional wildlife experiences and conservation efforts.

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  • Breakfast daily

  • Extended check-in/out whenever possible

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Nestled at Mount Meru's foothills, Arusha is a vibrant gateway to iconic wonders. Known for lush landscapes and proximity to wildlife, it's a hub for Safaris into Serengeti and Ngorongoro. Arusha's diverse culture, markets, and museums create a lively atmosphere, inviting visitors to experience Tanzania's enchanting allure.

Travel Tip: Consider hopping on a coffee plantation tour - it is a fantastic chance to see how coffee goes from being grown and harvested, to dried and transformed into the aromatic brew we all love daily!

Lake Manyara National Park

In the Great Rift Valley, Lake Manyara captivates with scenic beauty and diverse wildlife. A haven for bird enthusiasts, the lake hosts flamingos, pelicans and storks. The compact park transitions from dense woodlands to open plains, offering a unique safari with elephants, hippos, and giraffes - an unforgettable destination.

Tarangire National Park

Northern Tanzania's Tarangire bears witness to the beauty found in the African wilderness. Vast landscapes with ancient baobab trees create a unique safari experience. Home to a high concentration of elephants, the park's diverse ecosystems host lions, zebras, wildebeests and vibrant bird species. Tarangire River, a lifeline during the dry season, adds to the spectacle.

Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area

A geological marvel, Ngorongoro Crater's massive caldera hosts an extraordinary wildlife concentration. Lions, elephants and elusive black rhinoceros thrive alongside flamingos in Lake Magadi. The coexistence of wildlife and the Maasai people adds a cultural dimension, providing a breathtaking safari experience.

Travel Tip: Why not drop by an authentic Maasai Village? It is a fantastic opportunity to learn and immerse yourself in the rich culture and traditions of the Maasai people!

Serengeti National Park

A crown jewel of wildlife conservation, Serengeti's vast plains witness the Great Migration - a spectacle of millions of wildebeest, zebras and gazelles. Diverse ecosystems support the Big Five and a myriad of bird species. Ancient rock formations, Maasai rock paintings, and the Seronera River add cultural and scenic dimensions to this celebrated national park.

Travel Tip: I strongly urge you to experience the Serengeti in a whole new way - take a Hot Air Balloon Safari followed by a Champagne Breakfast. Trust me, it is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure you would not want to miss!


An archipelago off Tanzania's coast, Zanzibar combines exotic history, vibrant culture and pristine beaches. Unguja's Stone Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, showcases narrow streets and historic architecture. Beyond cultural treasures, Zanzibar's beaches offer turquoise waters and white sandy shores - a tropical paradise for exploring spice plantations, snorkeling or unwinding in luxury resorts. Zanzibar seamlessly blends cultural heritage with tropical allure, catering to history enthusiasts and beach lovers alike.

Travel Tip: I highly recommend indulging in a Zanzibar Spice Tour. Your senses are in for a treat as you savour the captivating scents and flavours of these precious gems. It is an experience worth savoring!

Need to Know

Recalling my Tanzanian adventure, memories of diverse landscapes, vibrant cultures and awe-inspiring wildlife linger vividly. From enchanting Lake Manyara and Tarangire to the untamed beauty of Ngorongoro, the iconic Serengeti, and the exotic charm of Zanzibar - each destination has etched a lasting imprint. Tanzania's richness stands testament to the world's breathtaking wonders. Grateful for the privilege, I carry forward these cherished moments, each resonating with the heartbeat of Africa’s allure.

For an unparalleled, once-in-a-lifetime experience, Tanzania unquestionably claims the top spot on my recommended list!

This trip report is part of our ongoing series on travel to Tanzania. In need of further inspiration? Check out Jeff Willy’s guide, Taste of Tanzania with a Zanzibar Beach Break.

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