Hidden Taste of Thailand with Feast Thailand

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Hidden Taste of Thailand with Feast Thailand
Curator’s statement

Hey fellow food enthusiasts! Hua Hin might not be the usual Thailand hotspot, but trust me, if you're a culinary adventurer, it's gotta be on your radar. Did you know that Phetchaburi, just up the road, was declared a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy in 2021? Feast Thailand knows this secret, and they can show you why.

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Hua Hin holds a secret weapon for true adventurers – your palate. And who better to unlock its treasures than Feast Thailand, your expert guides to the hidden alleys and vibrant markets where the soul of Thai cuisine sings? I went on two incredible journeys with them and let me tell you, they were anything but your average tour.

From Plough to Plate:

A Rice Journey: Feast Thailand's "From Plough to Plate" tour, is where I traded my flip-flops for waders and a farmer's shirt. Our minivan picked us up from Hua Hin and took us to the farm, about one hour away, with our guide's infectious enthusiasm weaving tales of Thai culture and farming life along the way. In no time, we were wading through the mud (surprisingly fun and hard!), learning the ancient art of rice planting. Back then, this was backbreaking work, but today, a mix of tradition and technology paints a fascinating picture. After planting, we transformed into millers, pounding and husking the grains. My arms ached but it gave me an understanding about this humble grain that sustains us all.

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And then, the reward! A feast fit for kings (or hardworking farmers like us). Sticky rice steamed in bamboo baskets, fragrant curries simmered and glasses filled with sweet rice wine. Every bite was delicious. I now carry an appreciation for the magic that transforms a simple seed into sustenance.

The Real "Jing Jing" Food Tour:

If you think you know Thai food, prepare to be surprised. The "Jing Jing" food tour is packed full of flavors, textures and experiences that will leave your taste buds tingling.

Khun Cream, our ever-smiling guide, became our culinary compass, guiding us to all the hidden gems of Hua Hin. Each stop was a portal to a world of family recipes passed down through generations, whispered secrets of spice and simmer. The locals chatted with their family/friends while sharing a meal (Thais don’t like to eat alone). Some of the stores come with very interesting stories. Not that any of the dishes we tried weren’t yummy but these were my standouts on the day (each tour is different).

Boat noodle soup: Fragrant broth brimming with soft noodles, tender meat and fresh herbs – I am going to say these are the best boat noodles I have ever eaten.
Grilled pork neck: Juicy and smoky – I wanted more but knew I needed to save room for what was to come.

Chicken laab: Chicken tossed with fiery chilies, lime juice, and fragrant herbs – this is usual made with minced meat but this version was thin slices of chicken and it brought a whole new dimension to the dish which I loved.

Chicken soup with turmeric: Golden broth infused with ginger and lemongrass – This was a hug in a bowl.

Khao soi beef: Spiced noodles swimming in a creamy coconut curry, topped with crispy noodles and tender beef – a northern Thai masterpiece.

This tour should come with a warning "don't eat for a week before hand"

Need to Know

So, dear fellow wanderer, if you seek an adventure beyond the beach, a journey that feeds your soul as much as your stomach, then pack your appetite and wanderlust – Feast Thailand awaits in Hua Hin. Trust me, your taste buds will thank you.

This trip report is part of our ongoing series on travel to Thailand. In need of further inspiration? Check out Kelly Gentry’s guide, Adventure in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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