Worry Free Tips for Foreign Travel

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Advisor - Michele Buring
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Worry Free Tips for Foreign Travel
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Foreign travel does not need to be, well, foreign if you do some pre-planning. Traveling abroad can be intimidating if you have yet to experience, or if it's been a while. Yet, with these tips for foreign travel, you can have a worry free journey! Give yourself time to make sure you have covered all of the important stuff, knowing that being organized is the key to success. It doesn't take long!

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In no particular order...

  • Check to see if the countries you are visiting require any specific vaccines and give yourself time to get vaccinations before traveling abroad.

  • Read up on where you are going. Are there any customs or guidelines for respecting the places you are going? Will you need advance purchase of tickets to see anything special, like a museum or a concert? Look on social media for more information, too.

  • Is your passport within six months of expiring? If so, go and apply for a new one. And when you have your passport, take a picture of it (along with your credit cards) and make paper copies as well. It never hurts to be safe than sorry. Also, do your credit cards offer "no transaction fees"? Call your credit card company to not only ask, but also to let them know that you are traveling in a foreign country so they will not freeze your cards.

  • How is the water in the country you are traveling to? Can you drink it? Nobody said getting sick from the water or food is fun, and it's a great way to ruin a journey. Be sure to pack preventative medications, just in case.

  • Personal safety is a priority! Have a bag or purse that zips and stays close to your body, don't tempt a thief to pick your pockets or steal your bag. Purchase a lanyard for your phone so you can wear it around your neck and store it close to your body. Use a purse holder so you don't have to hang your purse on the back of a chair. Hang it from the table in front of your legs. You can also buy door stops with alarms. Put one at your hotel door when you are in for the night.

  • Wear compression socks on the plane ride to combat any leg problems, and don't forget to get up and walk and stretch as often as you can. Purchase some disposable slippers so you can take your shoes off, but put the slippers on to walk around the cabin.

  • Pack valuables and medication in your carry-on, and if you have Apple Airtags, throw one in every bag you have! Pack snacks in your carry-on, too. You never know when you might get hungry - a pack of nuts can save the day. Keep a travel adapter for your foreign country in your carry-on as well. A dead phone battery is bad, especially when you want to take a great photo.

  • Jet lag is real. There are apps that can help you plan ahead to adjust to any time zone. You don't want to miss the fun because you can't keep your eyes open. Also, consider flight times when you are purchasing airline tickets. Try to get a flight that is overnight so you can sleep when you would normally sleep. Pick up some melatonin (over the counter is fine) if you have trouble sleeping on a plane, they really help!

Need to Know

Foreign travel can be easy as 1-2-3, once you get the habit of planning in advance.

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Advisor - Michele Buring

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