Site Inspection at The Lanesborough Hotel in London, England

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Advisor - Phelipe Cardoso Sekai
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Site Inspection at The Lanesborough Hotel in London, England
Curator’s statement

In May of 2023, I did a site inspection while staying at The Lanesborough Hotel in London. In this review, I tried to convey the unique atmosphere of this property. From the opulent design of its rooms and suites to the exquisite culinary experiences at its dining venues and the unparalleled service that anticipates every need, this hotel is amazing. I sought to capture the essence of a stay at this hotel, a place where classical décor and formal white-glove service are not just amenities, but part of a rich tapestry that defines the quintessential London luxury experience.

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Arrival and First Impressions

Check-In Experience: As I approached the grand entrance, the door attendant, clad in a bespoke uniform, greeted me warmly. The lobby was a spectacle of elegance, adorned with richly decorated interiors and stunning floral arrangements taking center stage. The offer of complimentary drinks added a gracious touch to the welcoming atmosphere. The check-in process was conducted smoothly at formal desks, allowing me to be seated comfortably during the procedure.

View of lounge

Room: I was escorted to my “Park View Deluxe Room” located on the top floor. The room featured an entrance foyer, antique furniture, and a breathtaking view of Hyde Park. Each floor at The Lanesborough has a dedicated butler; mine made a warm introduction and provided a savory treat and fruit platter. Notably, if you prefer rooms with high ceilings, it's best to request a room on the first or second floor. The top floor (the third) has much lower ceilings.

Exploring the Hotel's Amenities

Breakfast at The Lanesborough Grill: A serene and elegant ambiance marked the experience. The morning light filtering through the glass dome highlighted the room's refined decor. The soft classical music in the background added to the calm atmosphere, creating an oasis of peace in the heart of London. The restaurant's interior has lavish blue and white decor, ornate chandeliers, plush seating and meticulously set tables. Fine china and silverware exudes understated luxury. The service was impeccable and entirely à la carte, with staff members attentive to every detail (no buffets here!). The breakfast menu offered a blend of traditional English items and contemporary dishes, ranging from light and healthy to hearty and indulgent.

Dining at the Drawing Room

Dinner Experience: On my last night, I dined in the Withdrawing Room, adjacent to the bar. This space is filled with classic English charm with richly decorated interiors, fine artwork, antique furnishings, and sumptuous fabrics. Warm lighting and comfortable seating, including plush sofas and armchairs, created an inviting atmosphere. The room's high ceilings, ornamental moldings, and grand fireplace added a sense of timeless elegance, with an ambiance that felt very royal and aristocratic. This venue appeared to be notably popular, attracting not only guests of the hotel but also residents of London.

View of tea

Service was impeccable and discreet, with staff members offering knowledgeable recommendations. The Drawing Room's menu, while not as extensive as The Grill's, offered a refined selection of dishes. It is perfect for a lighter, more casual dining experience. The menu included gourmet finger sandwiches, seasonal soups, salads and light main courses. The “Buttered Lobster Linguine” is not to be missed as well as the selection of fine desserts.

Experiencing the Royal Parks and Museums

Morning Walk in Hyde Park: I took advantage of the hotel's proximity to Hyde Park. For a serene morning walk, admiring the lush greenery and the Serpentine Lake.

Cultural Visits: Leveraging The Lanesborough’s central location, I visited nearby attractions like Buckingham Palace and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Farewell and Overall service perception

While the personal butler service was only evident on the first day, the exceptional service from the entire staff was noteworthy, despite this minor detail.

As my stay came to an end, the staff bid me a heartfelt goodbye, ensuring a smooth and efficient check-out process. The Lanesborough left an indelible mark on my London experience.


The Lanesborough Hotel boasts a prestigious location in London, offering an ideal blend of convenience and luxury.

Prime Location: Situated at the prestigious address of Hyde Park Corner in Knightsbridge, The Lanesborough is in one of the most exclusive areas of London.

Cat at the door

Proximity to Hyde Park: One of the hotel's most appealing features is its close proximity to Hyde Park. This is one of London’s largest and most famous parks. This offers guests easy access to peaceful walks and picnics. The opportunity to explore the park’s numerous attractions, such as the Serpentine Lake and Gallery is noteworthy.

Nearby Cultural and Historical Sites: The hotel is within walking distance, or a short drive, from some of London’s most iconic landmarks. Including Buckingham Palace, the Royal Albert Hall, and the museums of South Kensington, like the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum.

Shopping and Dining: Knightsbridge is renowned for its luxury shopping, with high-end stores and boutiques, including the world-famous Harrods and Harvey Nichols. The area also hosts a wide range of fine dining restaurants, chic cafes, and exclusive bars.

Accessibility: The location is well-served by public transport, with easy access to the London Underground via Hyde Park Corner and Knightsbridge stations. This connectivity makes it convenient for guests to explore other parts of the city.

Exclusive Neighborhood: The Lanesborough is situated in one of London's most affluent neighborhoods, characterized by elegant Georgian and Victorian architecture. This area is known for its quiet streets, refined atmosphere, and sense of privacy, despite being in the heart of the city.

Views and Scenery: Located near Hyde Park, many rooms at The Lanesborough offer stunning views of the park’s greenery, providing a serene and picturesque backdrop to guests' stays.

Need to Know

The Lanesborough stands as a beacon of timeless elegance and bespoke luxury in London. Each moment spent there is a harmonious blend of royal treatment and warm hospitality, creating an unforgettable experience. It's an ideal choice for those who appreciate classical décor and formal white-glove service, akin to the esteemed standards of hotels like The Claridge or The Connaught.

This trip report is part of our ongoing series on travel to London.

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Advisor - Phelipe Cardoso Sekai

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