Symphony of the Savanna: A Safari in Zimbabwe's Wild Heart at Kanga Camp

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Symphony of the Savanna: A Safari in Zimbabwe's Wild Heart at Kanga Camp
Curator’s statement

While staying at the enigmatic Kanga Camp, part of the African Bush Camps portfolio, I did a site inspection. It's not for the faint of heart, this rugged Eden nestled deep within Mana Pools, but if you crave a heart-thumping encounter with raw Africa, you've found your paradise.

Forget fancy fences and contrived encounters. Here, the only walls are the endless acacia plains and the only showstopper is the sun sinking fiery into the horizon. Animals aren't performers, they're thirsty neighbors sauntering up to the Kanga Pan, a lifeblood oasis that draws lions and leopards, elephants and baboons, all weaving a nightly drama right by your doorstep. It's the home of the "armchair safari" where nature tiptoes in and steals your breath with every rustle, every splash, every whispered roar.

Ready to trade tourist traps for untamed magic? Then buckle up, because I'm about to share the secrets of making Kanga Camp your symphony of the savanna. How to pack for adventure? Where to watch honey badgers tango with danger? When to witness the silent ballet of predators under the moon? Read on, dear adventurer, and let's orchestrate your wild Zimbabwean symphony.

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Kanga Camp

An immersive wilderness retreat combining luxury accommodations with authentic safari experiences in the heart of nature.

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The sun bleeds into the dusty Zimbabwean horizon, painting the sky in fiery pinks and smoky blues. I raise my gin and tonic, a toast to this twilight serenade played by nature's orchestra. But the air vibrates with more than just cicadas – a thrill courses through me as Cliffy murmurs, "Lions!"

Not mere whispers in the distance, they stand a hundred meters away, bathed in the dying embers of the setting sun. The dry earth stretches endlessly around us, broken only by the skeletal remains of drought-stricken trees. I retreat behind the Land Cruiser, a metal cocoon in this vast wilderness, but their tawny eyes follow us.

"They're heading to the pan," Cliffy explains, referring to the lifeblood of this parched land, Kanga Pan. A magnet for thirsty souls, it draws predators, antelope, even lumbering giants like elephants, all converging for their nightly ritual. And what a ritual it is!

Beneath the Starry Canvas

Later, perched on the camp's deck, we witness the drama unfold. A lioness, sleek and muscular, emerges from the shadows, her pregnant silhouette stalking towards a muddy pool. But the scent of prey disrupts her hunt. Her low roars echo across the pan, sending a ripple of terror through the throng of impalas and buffaloes. An elephant mama with calf in tow trumpets through the panic.

This is the daily rhythm of Kanga Camp, a haven for the armchair safari in Zimbabwe. Nestled within the Mana Pools National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it's a place where nature parades past your doorstep, eliminating the need for exhausting game drives.

Discovering Kanga Camp's Remote Paradise

Bekezela "Beks" Ndlovu, the visionary behind Kanga Camp, stumbled upon this hidden Eden while guiding guests on Zimbabwe safaris. Abandoned by the Kore Kore people in the 1950s, it was deemed "too wild, too remote" by most. But Beks saw its magic.

"Kanga is where you feel like you're revealing a secret on your Zimbabwe safari," he says, "connecting with wildlife untouched by the tourist gaze."

And what a secret it is! Six canvas tents rise on wooden platforms, their interiors a symphony of warm hues and rustic elegance. Solar-powered lanterns bat away the night, inviting dreams fueled by the lullaby of the wild. By day, natural light floods the tents, casting a spotlight on the Zimbabwe safari parade: frolicking zebras, majestic giraffes, even playful baboons and warthogs offering cheeky greetings.

Embracing Community and Conservation on a safari in Zimbabwe

But the magic of Zimbabwe goes beyond its captivating landscapes on your safari. It's in the stories whispered by its people, their warmth and resilience echoing across the savanna.

"A fancy camp is nothing without its people," Beks explains. "The true Zimbabwe safari experience lies in connecting with the Zimbabwean spirit, their welcoming embrace that makes you feel like family."

And family we become: the elderly couple seeking adventure on their Zimbabwe safari, the young honeymooners craving both luxury and simplicity, the shutterbugs yearning for wildlife close-ups. As the rhythmic beat of drums draws us to dinner, stories are shared, laughter and ululations filling the air. Choreographed steps welcome us like returning ancestors, their joyous echoes promising a "till we meet again" when we depart.

Leaving Footprints (and Hearts) in the Dust

A feast awaits, a symphony of flavors echoing the vibrancy of the land. Cold tomato soup dances on our tongues, paired with a choice of wines as smooth as the savanna sunset. Taffy, the camp's host and resident raconteur, proclaims, "Forget these wines, and you'll never be famous in this world!" His twinkle reminds us that every guest is a cherished member of the Kanga family.

Beks' vision transcends mere luxury on a Zimbabwe safari. He seeks to celebrate the individual stories of people, cultures, and wildlife, weaving them into a tapestry that sings of our deep connection with nature. His dream is a reclamation of African narratives, a whispered chorus urging us to rewrite the past through conservation and understanding.

As the night deepens, the lioness pads past my tent, leaving her story etched in the sand. Her silent presence connects us, a shared thread in the web of life woven under the endless Zimbabwean sky. This is Kanga Camp: a symphony of savanna whispers

Need to Know

I recommend Kanga Camp as part of a longer trip to my clients looking for a safari getaway in the the UNESCO heritage site of Mana Pools National Park. It's great for couples or a girls' getaway. Solo travelers should also give this a go as you'll have plenty to keep you entertained. Reach and out. I'm here to help you plan your symphony of the savanna!

This trip report is part of our ongoing series on Safari Travel. In need of further inspiration? Check out Alexandra Farrington’s guide, Uncharted Africa: A Luxurious Safari Adventure Through Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Jabulile Ngwenya in a red hat

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Jabulile B. Ngwenya

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