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road leading to a mountain
road leading to a mountain

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Between epic skiing in the winter (hello, Vail, Aspen and Telluride) and wildflower-dotted hikes in the summer, Colorado manages to be near-perfect in every season.

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Colorado travel presents so many opportunities, with plenty of options for adventure seekers and chillaxers alike. 

Aspen, Telluride and Vail top the list of the best places to stay in Colorado for skiing and snowboarding. But the state is also home to dozens of gorgeous nature preserves, like Rocky Mountain and Mesa Verde national parks — scenic backdrops for hiking, climbing and getting in tune with nature.

And then there’s Denver — aka Mile High City — easily one of the coolest cities between the coasts, with trendy art districts, a thriving culinary scene and a rich cultural heritage. It’s also one of the most walkable cities in the United States.

It depends on why you’re visiting. If you’re eager to hit the slopes, Vail and Telluride offer a ritzy experience, while Aspen has more of a down-to-Earth vibe. 

If you’re looking to party (maybe à la Colorado bachelorette party style), you can’t go wrong with Denver. Between the wine and brewery tours, the best clubs and bars in the state and access to all the adventuring Colorado has to offer, Denver is a lively and unique destination among American cities.

When you plan your trip with Fora, one of our Colorado travel planners can help you decide which place makes the most sense for you to visit first.

Vail and Aspen can be found in Central Colorado, between one and three hours away from Denver. Telluride is closer to Colorado’s southwest border.

Connect with Fora if you’re curious about where to stay in Vail, where to stay in Telluride or where to stay just about anywhere else in Colorado.

It’s hard to pin down a single area as the “prettiest.” With majestic mountains and colorful canyons to serene lakes and verdant valleys, Colorado has many beautiful places to admire. Even an urban sprawl like Denver has its moments, with tasteful architecture and hundreds of lush parks. 

Our guide to the most unique places to stay in Colorado may help you decide where to visit. And you can always chat with a Fora Advisor, who can tailor your trip to your preferences.

Connecting with a Colorado travel planner — aka Fora Advisor — is a great start. An advisor can help you plan every detail of your trip, from where to stay to the best hidden gems and local hangouts to explore.

Our guide to the best time to visit Colorado has in-depth answers to this question, but generally, we recommend traveling to Colorado between June and October if you’re looking for the best (i.e., sunny, temperate) weather. If you’re keen on skiing or snow sports, November through March are ideal. When to visit depends on why you’re vacationing in Colorado.

Yep! Winter X-Games and the Telluride Film Festival are some of Colorado’s most popular events, drawing crowds from all over. There are also many food and beer festivals. 

A Fora Advisor can let you know if there will be any notable goings-on during your trip to Colorado.

Colorado has nearly 20 national parks, monuments and historic sites, as well as dozens of state parks. Rocky Mountain National Park is widely considered the most popular, with stunning views that change dramatically with the seasons.

This is a good question for a Colorado travel planner, as there’s no right answer. Seeing all of Colorado’s gorgeous landmarks and highlights would take weeks, if not months. A Fora Advisor can curate a custom itinerary for you, based on your preferences, budget and availability.

Altitude sickness can be a cause for concern for some Colorado travelers, particularly those coming from comparatively lower elevations or those with underlying health conditions. Most people experience little, if any, ill effects from altitude sickness unless they are physically exerting themselves — which may be a consideration if you’re planning on skiing or hiking. 

Taking things easy on your first day in Colorado, especially if you’re visiting a ski resort or national park, can give your body time to adjust. Ultimately, it’s wise to consult with your doctor before traveling to Colorado if you’re concerned.

There are no restrictions for US travelers, but international travelers may face some restrictions. 

Your Fora Advisor can alert you to specific entry requirements. You can also check out official government websites for more information. Currently, there are no COVID-19 restrictions for travel to Colorado.

Absolutely! A Colorado travel planner (aka Fora Advisor) can help you plan your entire route, including pit stops and excellent accommodations along the way.

Fora Advisors can also book car rentals for you, if you’re flying from out of state.

With ritzy towns like Vail and Telluride and massive metropolises like Denver, Colorado has no shortage of luxe hotels and resorts. The Little Nell in Aspen, The Arrabelle at Vail Square and The Ritz-Carlton Denver are just a few highlights.

There are accommodations for every type of traveler, whether you’re looking for the top Colorado resorts for families or the snazziest boutique hotels in Denver.

Fora travelers get the benefit of expert travel recommendations and tailored service. 

Whether you’re looking for a perfect ski trip in a majestic setting filled with bespoke amenities or dusk-to-dawn excursions in Denver’s charming neighborhoods, your Fora Advisor will make sure your trip is filled with excitement and adventure — or relaxation and revitalization: it’s up to you!