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Looking for the best places to visit in December? We’re covering some of our favorite December destinations around the world, from scenic beach escapes in the Caribbean to the vibrant streets of Brazil. 

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Stay home: the best USA destinations to visit in December

Before we cover international travel, it’s worth noting that some of the best places to visit in December are right here in the United States. From cozy, romantic getaways in Utah to the best places to stay in Hawai‘i, there’s an astonishing amount of variety in the USA. 

December also marks the height of the holiday season, when cities like New York and New Orleans are at their most magical (check out our guides to hotels in Downtown NYC and the best hotels in New Orleans’ French Quarter). 

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Grab your passport: the 5 best places to visit in December

Read on for a quick breakdown of five of the best places to visit in December.

(P.S. Thinking about starting your trip sooner? Read about the best places to visit in November.)

1. The Caribbean: escape December’s frigid temperatures on a picturesque tropical island resort

The Caribbean has long been a favorite winter destination for travelers seeking warm, sunny beaches and an overall lax vibe. And there’s no shortage of options in the Caribbean. From Anguilla, far to the southeast, to the Bahamas, relatively near the coast of Florida, there are thousands of scenic resorts, lively cities and more to explore. 

Traveling to the Caribbean in December can be a great way to escape both the hustle and bustle of your normal routine and cold winter temperatures.

Wondering where to stay in the Bahamas? Looking for things to do in St. Thomas and St. John? Looking to spend at least 8 Days in St. Barths and Anguilla? We've got you.

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2. Africa: one of the best places to visit in December for adventurers & culture junkies

From taking in great sights like the Pyramids of Giza to safaris deep into the wild savannas of Kenya and beyond, Africa is a continent teeming with opportunities for cultural exploration and adventure.

There are very few places in the world where you can still regularly witness Earth’s largest creatures — from lions, hippos and saltwater crocodiles to zebras, hyenas and giraffes (just to name a few) — in their natural habitats. And yet, the continent is so much more than picking the perfect African safari (as incredibly cool as that is). From Cape Town, South Africa to Marrakech, Morocco, there are so many incredible cities to visit — especially in December, when summer is in full swing. 

(BTW: Need help picking the perfect African safari or planning a week in Morocco? Check out our guides.)

3. Dubai, UAE: one of the world’s most luxurious cities (and a great place to visit in December)

Known for its breathtaking contemporary architecture, ritzy vibe and blazing temperatures, Dubai is one of the world’s foremost luxury destinations. Despite the reputation for scorching weather, however, Dubai is surprisingly comfortable in December, even during the day (the average high is around 80 degrees). 

Of course, if you’re staying at any of the best hotels in Dubai, don’t expect to encounter inconveniences like heat or hunger — as many of these elite hotels and resorts offer world-class amenities and accommodations. Our guide to Dubai in Winter has more details, if you’re curious. 

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(P.S. If you're looking for "wintry" fun in Dubai, the city hosts a massive artificial ice skiing center.)

4. Europe: Austria, France, Switzerland, culture, gastronomy and even skiing (at some of the highest peaks)

Not all of the best places to visit in December have to be hot, sunny and/or near a beach. December is a great time to visit Europe’s coolest cities — Vienna, London, Zermatt, Budapest — because of the festive spirit and fewer crowds (until the holiday season peaks, of course). Christmas in Paris, for example, is just as magical as New York, if not more so, because you know, Paris.

Some of Europe’s highest ski resorts, such as Gstaad or Engelberg in Switzerland and Madonna di Campiglio in Italy have enough snow for skiing, snowboarding and the like, even in early December.

Fora Advisor Chloe Kletsa recommends Norway as an exceptional choice for December travelers. The month is one of the best times to catch the northern lights, which otherwise make up for the lack of daylight hours. Chloe says, many "activities are designed to be enjoyed even in the dark, and the kind of peace you enjoy in the wilderness during this season is's also peak season to spot orcas and other wildlife."

(P.S. Need more intel on European cities in December? See our guide to Zermatt in winter and our guide to Strasbourg in winter.)

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5. Brazil: an underrated choice among the best places to visit in December (especially for nightlife)

Brazil doesn’t always get the same type of love that other warm-weather destinations enjoy — and that’s a mistake. Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, just to name a couple places, are some of the coolest cities in the Americas, and both are a blast to visit in December when the weather is warm (but not quite hot) and the nightlife is hitting its stride.

December can also be a great time to visit the Amazon rainforest, so long as you don’t mind visiting on a boat. Summer brings high waters to much of the rainforest, flooding many popular jungle trails, but opening the door to awesome river cruises. However, the Amazon's wildlife is also at its most active in summer so there's definitely a fun trade-off.

(Like the idea of visiting Brazil in December? Check out our 7-day Brazil itinerary and insider’s guide to Rio de Janeiro.)

Plan with Fora to visit the best places in December

These aren’t the only places to visit in December. Connect with Fora to plan and book your December getaway with personalized travel recs and access to awesome hotel perks (at no extra cost). 

The guides below showcase destinations that can be fun to visit in December, too:

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