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Announcing Fora's New Advanced Certification Training Curriculum

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At Fora, we’re all about leveling up: diving deeper, probing further, always refining. Earlier this fall, we launched our community-first training: a small-group setting for Fora Advisors to learn the ins and outs of the travel industry and make their first booking. And for those who are ready to take their business a step further? Well, now you can.

We are thrilled to announce our new advanced certification curriculum, a 30-day training designed to help advisors level up their business as a travel advisor. With the advanced training, participants will still benefit from Fora's hands-on, small-group approach, but delve into more advanced bookings, learn the nitty gritty of the industry and further refine their travel expertise.

Read on for more on Fora's new advanced certification curriculum. And, if you're interested in joining us, take the first steps to becoming a Fora Advisor today. Or, learn how to become a travel agent.

What does the advanced curriculum look like? 

Our team curated this in-depth, hands-on model for advisors looking to make travel advising a significant side hustle or a full-time job. Advisors partake in 30 days of live, interactive workshops led by our go-to industry experts, during which they'll build a robust portfolio that highlights their command of all things travel-related. 

Advisors will dig into brand marketing, using technology to leverage their businesses and build lasting relationships with suppliers. They'll tailor comprehensive trips (even those to unfamiliar destinations) and work to create a sustainable and fulfilling business model. Along the way, advisors will have the hands-on support from Fora HQ at every step.

Who is the advanced curriculum for?

Fora Advisors at our 2022 Live Forum, in New York City

Fora's advanced certification is designed specifically for advisors wanting to take their business to the next level. To register, advisors need to have met milestone-based criteria, including completing a set number of bookings as well as demonstrating proficiency in various destinations. 

This 60-day training also requires a time commitment and active involvement within the larger Fora community of advisors. Over the 30-day period, we recommend setting aside roughly two-to-four hours for live trainings, and an additional two-to-four hours for self-paced, asynchronous work. 

What will I get after completing the advanced curriculum?

Fora co-founder Henley Vazquez and head of travel operations Leslie Overton toasting to a successful FAM trip

In addition to a more comprehensive and fine-tuned understanding of the travel industry, advisors who successfully complete the 30-day training and who pass the advanced certification assessment will receive a special advanced designation on their LinkedIn profile as well as in our community app, Forum. They'll also receive exclusive shareable assets for marketing and social media and will complete a finished portfolio, all of which will further elevate their brand. 

Interested in joining us? Take the first steps to become a Fora Advisor today.

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