Michelin Dining in Rio de Janeiro: A Culinary Exploration

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Delicious food paired with wine.
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In the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro, where the rhythm of samba and the majesty of the Sugarloaf Mountain create a backdrop of unparalleled beauty, the Michelin-starred dining scene is a testament to Brazil's rich culinary diversity. This scene ranges from fine Italian dining at the sophisticated Cipriani to the innovative Brazilian fusion found at Oteque. It's a world where the subtleties of Asian cuisine, expertly crafted at Mee, coexist with the rustic yet refined Brazilian traditions of Lasai. Each establishment, with its unique culinary narrative, offers a glimpse into the heart of Brazil's gastronomic culture.

This guide delves deeper into some of the most prestigious dining establishments in Rio, where culinary craftsmanship meets the art of hospitality:

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Where to stay in Rio de Janeiro

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Copacabana Palace, A Belmond Hotel, Rio de Janeiro

This Art Deco icon reigns supreme over its namesake beach, an unmatched destination for tapping into the spirit of Rio’s beach culture.

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Hotel Fairmont Rio de Janeiro Copacabana

Luxurious Copacabana hotel with a stunning rooftop pool and unforgettable gastronomic experiences.

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Emiliano Rio

A luxurious haven where sophistication embraces the vibrant spirit of Rio de Janeiro.

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Phelipe wearing glasses, a suit and a hat while smiling and standing outside in front of a city street.

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Places to eat & drink in Rio de Janeiro

A taste of Brazilian flavor in a bowl of food.


Chef: Felipe Bronze, a culinary innovator and a local celebrity chef.
Cuisine: Oro's menu is a canvas of Brazilian flavors, presented with modernist techniques. It emphasizes the use of native ingredients, many of which are rare and sourced from the Amazon.
Specialty: The 'Circle of Fire' menu, famous for its theatrical presentation, includes the signature dish "Pirarucu Ribs," slow-cooked to perfection.
Ambiance: The dining room is sleek and contemporary, with a vibrant atmosphere that mirrors the energy of Rio. Artful lighting and modern décor create a sophisticated yet comfortable setting.
Location: Nestled in the elegant Leblon district, an area known for its natural beauty and cultural attractions.


Chef: Rafa Costa e Silva, a proponent of sustainable and local gastronomy.
Cuisine: Lasai takes pride in its "farm-to-table" concept, with many ingredients sourced from its garden or local farms. The menu is a reflection of the seasons and the rich biodiversity of Brazil.
Specialty: The 'From the Sea' tasting menu is a tribute to Brazil's coastal produce, featuring fresh seafood paired with indigenous vegetables and fruits.
Ambiance: Combining rustic charm with urban sophistication, the restaurant's décor includes reclaimed wood and vintage furnishings, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.
Location: Located in Humaita, a neighborhood known for its eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary culture.


Chef: Kazuo Harada, an expert in Asian culinary arts.
Cuisine: Mee offers a culinary journey through Asia with a menu that spans Japanese, Thai, and Korean cuisines, bringing a unique Asian flair to the heart of Rio.
Specialty: The restaurant is celebrated for its sushi bar, where the "Omakase" menu allows the chef to showcase his creativity with the freshest catch of the day.
Ambiance: The décor is a fusion of traditional Asian elements and modern design, creating an ambiance that is both elegant and exotic.
Location: Situated in the iconic Copacabana Palace, it adds a touch of Asian elegance to this historic hotel.


Chef: Alberto Landgraf, known for his precision and attention to detail.
Cuisine: Oteque's menu is a blend of Brazilian and European influences, with a focus on the purity and flavor of each ingredient. The restaurant is particularly renowned for its exceptional seafood dishes.
Specialty: The "Oyster with Pear and Caviar" is a standout dish, showcasing the chef’s skill in balancing delicate flavors.
Ambiance: The restaurant's interior is minimalist and chic, providing an intimate dining experience. The open kitchen allows diners to observe the culinary artistry firsthand.
Location: In the heart of Botafogo, a district increasingly known for its culinary innovation.

Ristorante Cipriani

Chef: Nello Cassese brings a slice of Italy to Rio.
Cuisine: Cipriani is celebrated for its classic Italian cuisine, reinterpreted with flair and precision. The menu features luxurious ingredients and traditional Italian techniques.
Specialty: The "Black Truffle Risotto" is a signature dish, epitomizing the luxurious and indulgent nature of the restaurant's offerings.
Ambiance: The dining room exudes classic elegance with a hint of Old World glamour, offering breathtaking views of the Copacabana.
Location: Located in the Belmond Copacabana Palace, a hotel synonymous with luxury and history.

A Santa Teresa Highlight: Térèze

Térèze in Santa Teresa deserves a special mention for its exceptional culinary offerings and stunning location.

Location: Nestled in the bohemian neighborhood of Santa Teresa, known for its colonial architecture and vibrant arts scene.

Setting: Located in the charming Hotel Santa Teresa, Térèze offers breathtaking views of the city and the bay.

Cuisine: The menu at Térèze combines Brazilian flavors with international influences, focusing on fresh, local ingredients.

Ambiance: The restaurant boasts a sophisticated yet relaxed atmosphere, with elegant décor and panoramic windows that frame the stunning views.

Signature Dish: A standout dish is the "Moqueca de Camarão," a traditional Brazilian shrimp stew, which is a harmonious blend of local flavors and culinary finesse.

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Phelipe wearing glasses, a suit and a hat while smiling and standing outside in front of a city street.

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