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Passionate business owner and travel enthusiast at 50! Planning unforgettable journeys with care. Married, five grandkids, two doodles. Hubby and I are adventure seekers, campers and foodies.

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I have an adventurous and fun travel style, characterized by well-planned itineraries that prioritize unique experiences. My budget-savvy approach allows me to accommodate various financial plans, ensuring that my travel recommendations cater to different budgets. While I appreciate cost-effective options, I'm also open to suggesting and incorporating indulgent experiences when requested, adding a touch of luxury to the journey. My adaptability extends to working with different schedules, making my travel advice accessible to a wide range of individuals. My readiness to answer questions reflects my commitment to providing helpful guidance and ensuring a smooth travel experience for others. I would be thrilled to help you on your next adventure!

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Advisor - Polly Knelsen

Travel Advisor

Polly Knelsen