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I spent my childhood traveling to some amazing destinations across the globe and spent my adulthood living in stunning locations across Europe and the United States. This background has given me the ability to understand and appreciate cultural diversity and has breathed a passion for exploration into my soul.

My passion lies in advocating for wellness and spiritual retreats. Engaging in wellness travel not only offers fresh perspectives but also introduces revitalizing energies into our lives, fostering healing and cultivating a profound sense of peace and well-being. Everyone deserves a sanctuary to alleviate stress, and a plethora of destinations are available for this reason. Retreats featuring holistic therapies, nature-based healing experiences, mindfulness practices, and digital detox opportunities provide the ideal spaces for rejuvenation. Energy Vortexes are also a big deal in travel and I try to target these areas for their powerful healing properties and ability to assist in self-exploration. 

I help others by planning their wellness vacations across the world, to give them opportunities to disconnect from their 9-5 and reconnect with their inner-selves and inner wanderlust. 

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I travel to embrace culture and immerse myself in diversity. Architecture, history, and rich cultural heritage draw me to certain destinations. I am particularly drawn to natural wonders such as caves, forests, rock formations, lakes, and precious landscapes. These offer a massive opportunity to reconnect with nature and provide the ultimate recharge to a weary soul!

 I like to balance trips by visiting some mainstream attractions, combined with the unique, quirky, and underrated places. I love exploring local food spots and finding hidden culinary gems and seeking Instagram-worthy photographs of food, architecture and historical monuments is always on my list.

When I’m not traveling, my Google Maps is always open, ready for me to pin my next adventure!

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Natalia was very helpful and informative. Will definitely book with her again.

Natalia is Awesome. She ensured we received the best accommodations close to the area we were visiting. You can't ask for a nicer agent to take care of our travels.

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Advisor - Natalia Eldridge

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Natalia Eldridge