Orchestrating a Successful Small Meeting at the Kimpton Bannker Hotel

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Orchestrating a Successful Small Meeting at the Kimpton Bannker Hotel
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Meticulous planning and coordination can bring about a seamless and impactful event. This was exemplified in the recent two-day meeting for a women's journalism organization, held at the Kimpton Banneker Hotel in Washington, DC. This event was a shining example of how detailed planning, creative collaboration, and budget mindfulness converge to create a successful and memorable event.

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Where to stay

Kimpton Banneker Hotel

The Kimpton Banneker Hotel offers a luxurious and vibrant stay in Washington D.C., blending historic charm with modern amenities in a prime location near Dupont Circle.

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Culinary Collaboration: Crafting the Perfect Menu:

One of the highlights of this event was the menu; a result of my close collaboration with the Kimpton Banneker’s catering team. Understanding the importance of nourishment in maintaining energy and focus, we worked hand-in-hand with the chefs to curate a selection of meals and snacks that were not only delicious but also thoughtfully tailored to the preferences and dietary needs of each attendee.

Strategic Room Block Booking

Understanding the convenience and comfort of having accommodations close to the event space, I arranged a room block at the Kimpton Banneker Hotel. This not only simplified logistics for attendees but also ensured they had a comfortable and luxurious stay, enhancing the overall experience of the meeting. Through my partnership with FORA, I'm able to book blocks of rooms at best possible rates, ensuring value without compromising on quality. The hotel even extended the perks to my client - snacks and a bottle of wine in her room on arrival!

Seamless Technical Execution with In-House AV:

A key component of any successful meeting is the seamless execution of technical aspects. Working with the Kimpton Banneker’s in-house AV team, I ensured that every presentation, panel, and discussion was supported by top-notch audio and visual technology. My hands-on approach with the AV team meant troubleshooting any potential issues before they arose, ensuring a smooth flow of the event’s proceedings.

Budget Management: Maximizing Impact Without Excess:

Staying within budget without compromising on quality was a critical aspect of the planning process. Every decision, from menu selections, meeting room rentals, to AV equipment, was made with a keen eye on cost-effectiveness. Our strategic planning and negotiation skills played a pivotal role in delivering a high-caliber event that adhered strictly to the allocated budget, proving that exceptional events can be both impressive and financially responsible.


This two-day meeting at the Kimpton Banneker Hotel was not just a gathering; it was a showcase of precision planning, creative collaboration, and budgetary acumen. I truly pride myself on my ability to bring together various elements to create an event that is as smooth as it is impactful. Here’s what Molly had to say at the end of the event, “This event went seamlessly thanks to Bridget. She is super amazing, talented, and a genuinely good force in the world. She’s truly a planner who can handle anything!”

Looking to plan an event that combines elegance, efficiency, and budget-consciousness? Contact me and let’s create your next small meeting together!

Need to Know

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