3 Lake Geneva Hotels in Wisconsin’s Lovely Resort Town

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Scenic and charming, Wisconsin’s Lake Geneva has been a popular destination for urbanites from Chicago and Milwaukee for the better part of 150 years. And if you’re eager to partake in the magic, we’ve got three lovely Lake Geneva hotels for you. 

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What makes Wisconsin’s Lake Geneva a famous destination?

In the late 1800s, Lake Geneva became a popular, nature-filled destination for wealthy Chicagoans looking to escape the confines of urban living (and on a more somber note, to escape the Great Chicago Fire of 1871). Since then, the lake’s appeal has widened, with both casual and more luxurious resorts dotting its scenic shores.

The lake is only about an hour’s ride from both Chicago and Milwaukee, too, making it a great day trip from either. (Check out the best hotels in Chicago and our Milwaukee weekend itinerary.)

3 relaxing Lake Geneva hotels

Read on for a quick breakdown of the three best Lake Geneva hotels.

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1. The Abbey Resort: a classy, yet family-friendly choice right on the water

Just steps away from the tiny Abbey Harbor and a short walk to Fontana Beach, The Abbey Resort is a classy choice with an overall traditional look and feel. Here, you can get pampered at the resort’s full-service spa, rent a boat to cruise around the lake or hike along the Geneva Lake Shore path — just to name a few options. 

Accommodations range from spacious queen- or king-guestrooms to deluxe two-bedroom villas with full kitchens, private balconies and large common spaces.

2. Grand Geneva Resort & Spa: a high-end Lake Geneva hotel teeming with adventure & relaxation

Grand Geneva Resort & Spa is a luxurious Lake Geneva hotel offering a great blend of relaxation and excitement all year round. Guests can get pampered at the resort’s salon and spa, practice their swing on either of the twin golf courses and, in winter, enjoy a variety of snow sports like skiing, ice skating and sledding. 

The resort features a similar look and feel to The Abbey Resort, but on a relatively larger scale and in a more secluded setting. In fact, each room and suite boasts gorgeous views of the surrounding Wisconsin countryside. And yet, Downtown Lake Geneva is only about a 10-minute ride away.

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3. The Baker House: a historic hotel in Lake Geneva straight out of the Gilded Age

Image courtesy of The Baker House

The Baker House has a very interesting history. Per the owners, the mansion originally served as a summer home for a wealthy industrialist family before it was converted into a “fashionable” sanitarium for the Chicago elite (no joke) — an illegal speakeasy during the Prohibition era — and finally a hotel, which was thoroughly renovated in 2010 to restore the original Gilded Age decor. 

The hotel feels like a time machine back to the 1880s (with a sprinkle of contemporary amenities). The individually designed rooms are gorgeously decorated with period furniture and art, with no expense spared. 

As for the hotel’s location, it’s just across the street from Lake Geneva’s shoreline and within walking distance of Downtown.

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