A Sedona Guide: Unveiling the Top Activities and Adventures in Red Rock Country

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Embark on an unforgettable adventure in Sedona, Arizona, where red rock landscapes and outdoor pursuits create a haven for thrill-seekers. You will be captivated by Sedona's irresistible charm, boasting majestic red rock landscapes, spiritual vortexes and a healing ambiance. This vibrant community invites you to embark on thrilling outdoor adventures, bask in artistic inspiration, and discover a place where connecting with nature, tapping into spirituality and finding peace and inspiration become an enchanting reality in this truly magical setting. From sunrise hikes at Cathedral Rock to exhilarating mountain biking and serene hot air balloon rides, Sedona caters to every adventurer's delight. Beyond the outdoor excitement, the town's laid-back charm invites exploration of art galleries, spa retreats, and a unique culinary scene. Sedona is not just a destination; it's a harmonious blend of adventure, relaxation, and cultural discovery, ensuring a vacation that lingers in your memories long after you've left.

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Ambiente A Landscape Hotel

Where luxury meets nature in a harmonious blend of eco-friendly hospitality.

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Enchantment Resort

Centrally located in Sedona near hiking with great evening activities (think: making s'mores and live music).

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  • Breakfast daily.

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Mii Amo

A bucket-list-worthy spa getaway in magical Sedona.

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Advisor - Chanda Daly

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Things to do

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Wine Tasting:

Verde Valley, just a stone's throw from Sedona, where vineyards sprawl across picturesque landscapes. There are some fun and unique tour options that will pick you up from your hotel and shuttle you to several wineries and then drop you off safely back at your hotel. Some tours even include a visit to a vortex.


Sedona is known for its rust-hued trails weaving through majestic red rock formations, unveiling panoramic vistas that leave you in awe of nature's masterpiece. Some of the famous trails are Cathedral Rock Trail, where the challenging ascent rewards hikers with panoramic views of the red rock spires. Another enchanting trail is the Boynton Canyon Trail, surrounded by mystical energy and ancient ruins, creating an unforgettable hiking experience.

Offroad Adventures:

Whether it's a thrilling Jeep tour through the rugged Broken Arrow Trail, an ATV adventure exploring the scenic backcountry, or a scenic Hummer ride navigating the challenging terrain – each option promises an adrenaline-fueled exploration of Sedona's unique landscapes.


Wander through the art galleries in Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village, where local artists showcase their masterpieces inspired by the stunning surroundings. Sedona is full of unique shopping treasures such as unique table wear from around the world, fine jewelry.

Other Things to do in Sedona:

Soar above the breathtaking landscapes with hot air balloon rides, embrace the adrenaline of mountain biking along winding trails, rejuvenate your spirit with wellness experiences, partake in star gazing in one of the best stargazing areas in the United States, explore the mystical side with psychic encounters, and indulge in ultimate relaxation with spa days amidst the enchanting beauty of this Arizona gem.

Places to eat & drink

A picture of the exterior of an arts & crafts village during daytime.

Sunset view dining/bar:

I am all about views. Here are some great places to dine and watch the sunset against the red rock hills.

  • The Hudson: American eatery with great views. You can make reservations online.

  • The Vault Uptown: Bar & Grill in Sedona open for lunch and dinner with gorgeous views.

  • Sound Bites Grill: Uptown Sedona, another spot for great views and they have live music.

  • Hideaway House Food Menu: A romantic restaurant with several outdoor patios tucked into trees offering stunning views of the red rock mountains. They only take reservations for parties of six or more.

  • Mariposa Latin Inspired Grill: Great cocktails, apps and views.

  • Cress on Oak Creek: Fine dining. Located at the upscale L'Auberge de Sedona, Cress on Oak Creek offers an upscale dining experience with creek views and a connection to nature.

  • Shorebird: A coastal eatery. Great views!

  • Tii Gavo: located in the Enchantment Resort. Great views and upscale dining.

  • Javelina Cantina: A casual Southwestern restaurant with a great view.

Other Notable Dining in Sedona:

  • Tamaliza: Artwork, instruments, and hats decorate the walls, and chef Claudia Gonzalez brings the unforgettable recipes of her childhood spent in Morelos and Michoacan to each dish served at Tamaliza. The ingredients are always fresh — the menu changes daily depending on the produce purchased that day. Tamaliza's tamale supremo is not to be missed.

  • Pisa Lisa: Unique wood-fired pizzas.

  • Gerardo's Italian Kitchen: Centers around a wood-burning pizza oven, embodying a commitment to crafting exceptional food and fostering a transparent environment.

  • Elote: The best, authentic Mexican food in Sedona. Be sure to order their namesake, Elote (fire-roasted corn with spicy mayo, lime and cotija cheese.

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