12 Days in Italy

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An aerial view of a city during nightime
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Italy is a gorgeous destination. From the varied scenery, the big cities of Venice, Rome and Naples, down the gorgeous countryside of Tuscany, and the charming seaside villages of the Cinque Terre and Amalfi Coast. To top it all off the food is amazing, it is the home of pizza, pasta and gelato! The culture is amazing, and just so different to what you get in other parts of the world, even in the larger cities it still has a very relaxed atmosphere!

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Hotel de Russie

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Day 1: Arrive in Venice

A night view of the houses with water running between them.

Arrive in Venice and grab a water taxi, or the water bus (vaporetto) to your hotel, if you decide to walk be mindful there's many stairs, but there are always porters on hand to help. Once your bags are all dropped off, head down to the Piazza San Marco and head up the tower. It'll give you a great view over the city and don't worry there is an elevator. After this head for a stroll along the River Deli Schiavoni (the waterfront). I would recommend Ristorante Omnibus for dinner, its on. the main canal and the food is fantastic!

Day 2: Murano Glass Factory

A garden with palm trees and a monument in the middle.

Day two, you must start your morning out with a coffee and selection of pastries at Pasticceria Da Bonifacio, a bit hard to find, but that's half the fun of Venice. From here it's time to go visit the Murano Glass Factory and watch the show, or even take part yourself. Back on the main island head back to St Mark's Square and head into the Basilica, its beautiful Top your day off with a long dinner at Gio's.

Day 3: Head to Florence

White and brown concrete dome buildings during the daytime

Today you are going to head to Florence. Head to the train station and hop onto the Freccia high speed train to Firenze (Florence) highly recommend sitting in a silent car, there's usually not many people in these cars and you can get a great view of the countryside on your way south. Once you've checked into your hotel, I highly recommend La Schiacciata Firenze for an amazing sandwich on stunning focaccia bread. Uffizi Gallery is a must do this afternoon, followed by a bit of shopping as you make your way over the Ponte Vecchio. After this head to Osteria La Dolce Vita Firenze (don't forget a piece of tiramisu).

Day 4: Train to Cinque Terre

Houses on a mountain besides the sea during daytime

After the morning coffee, you must head on a tour of the Duomo (if you don't mind stairs, you can get tickets right to the top!) From here it's back onto the train, heading towards Cinque Terre, but definitely recommend a stop in Pisa to check out the Leaning Tower. The train ride through to Monterosso al Mare takes you directly to the coast and then slightly North. Should be there in plenty of time for dinner, which must be at Kepris Pizzeria

Day 5: Hike to Vernazza

Brown concrete buildings near a body of water during the daytime

Today it's time for a bit of relaxing. If you feel like a walk there's a scenic hike around to the next village, Vernazza. It takes about an hour, but there are a lot of stairs and it's very steep. It's approximately five-minutes by train between the two otherwise. Grab a slice of pizza and some gelato here before returning to Monterosso. Rent a lounger on the beach and spend your afternoon here, I would recommend stopping by the shop and grabbing some fresh fruit and some Aperol Spritzs to really top off the afternoon. It's heaven!

Day 6: Train Down to Rome

Water fountain with large sculptures during the day

Train down to Rome, this is where you're going to spend the next few days. After you have checked into your hotel, head on down to the Pantheon, and then to the Trevi Fountain to throw in a coin and make a wish. there are also some amazing gelato a couple shops down from the Fountain. The Spanish steps are very nearby and on the way is definitely an opportunity for some shopping, there are some great little boutiques in this area (along with some high-end shopping). Make sure as you are wandering through Rome, to head on into any open church, there's amazing painting and architecture and you just never know what little gem you might find.

Day 7: Explore More of Rome

A low angled picture of the colosseum at daytime.

Start with a tour to the Coliseum, make sure to book a private tour that also takes you underground. You want to do this early, as it gets very hot in the middle of summer! Pizzeria di Sforza Piero is your next stop for some pizza al taglio (pizza by the cut). Once you've finished this it's out to the Catacombs of St Callixtus. It's a short trip out there but you feel like you are in the quiet countryside. the tour is fascinating (and it's nice and cool down there so perfect for getting out of the heat) For dinner tonight head to Cuccagna Pub. The pasta is to die for, and the drinks are fabulous, I have spent many a night here, it's a little hidden gem!

Day 8: Tour the Vatican

A picture of the white Vatican building during daytime.

Head to the Vatican again you want to do this as early as possible if it's the middle of summer, and don't forget to dress appropriately as it's a religious site, highly recommend a very light shawl so you aren't too hot! This is a long tour, and there is a lot of walking. Also worth doing St Mary's Basilica, it's beautiful. For dinner tonight, head to the Trastevere district, there's a range of amazing places to eat and little wine bars, and it's quite a different feel to the other neighborhoods in Rome.

Day 9: Train to Positano

An aerial view of the city building on mountain near body of water.

Time to get back on the train heading South again, straight through Naples down to Positano on the Amalfi Coast. It's the picturesque town that you have probably seen in many photographs. Check into your hotel, I highly recommend Hotel Il San Pietro Positano, it's beautiful with amazing views, and that's what Positano is all about. Tonight is all about staying in and relaxing, pick one of the many restaurants at the hotel (you won't be disappointed!) and watch the beautiful sunset.

Day 10: Explore More of Positano

An aerial view of a balcony with flowers and potted plants over the city.

Time to head for a walk into Positano, have a look at the shopping. They make gorgeous clothing here, and then head down to the beach for lunch at one of the restaurants overlooking the beach. After lunch head back up the hill, and to one of the many limoncello factories. Make sure to head on a tour, and taste the variety of limoncello, there's something for everyone, the frozen limoncello is a fantastic way to cool off.

Day 11: Visit Capri

A picture of a boat in the water near an island.

Today is the day to visit the island of Capri, there are some great tours that will take you across to the island, and you'll get to explore the Blue Grotto on the way (total bucket list item!) along with a few hours to explore the island as well, and a visit to the stunning Faraglioni Rocks. Ristorante da Gemma is right on the beach and a great place to have lunch and watch the boats go by.

Day 12: North to Naples

A picture of a street with tall buildings on one and the sea on the other.

Today you are heading back north to Naples, the birthplace of pizza. Get picked up in a private air-conditioned car and have your morning stop at Pompeii, wander through the ruins with a guide. It's amazing to see how intact a lot of the structures are, and you can really get a feel for how life was like back then. Continue north in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius to Naples, and check into your hotel. The Grand Hotel Parkers is a must! Spend the rest of the afternoon wandering along the beach and then head inland for your last dinner, which has to be pizza at Pizzeria Augusteo, it's not fancy, but this is the birthplace of pizza, and this is said to be the best pizzeria in Naples.

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