Why Vacation in Suva, Fiji: A Paradise Unveiled

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Saying 'Bula!' to Suva, Fiji

Don't you just yearn for the sun-kissed shores, cerulean waters, and vibrant culture; a place that's both exotic yet homely? Well, say Bula! to Suva, the capital of Fiji. Nestled amid lush tropics and boundless oceanic expanse, visiting Suva is much like stumbling upon a jewel in the Pacific.

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Where to stay In Fiji

Grand Pacific Hotel

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Things to do In Fiji

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What sets Suva apart from your run-of-the-mill vacation destinations is its unique blend of raw natural beauty, soulful culture, and engaging activities. Let's delve into what makes it an irresistible paradise for holidaymakers and digital nomads alike!

Emerald Canopies and Azure Seas

Fiji is synonymous with picturesque landscapes, and Suva doesn't disappoint. Encased by emerald mountains and facing the gleaming Pacific, Suva offers exquisite views at every turn. Try hiking up Mount Tomanivi or take a dip at the Colo-i-Suva Forest Park; either way, prepare to be enchanted!

A Cultural Melting Pot

Suva is a cultural tapestry, threading together diverse influences. Don’t forget to visit the Fiji Museum which houses artefacts dating back 3,700 years! Indulge in local handicraft shopping at Suva Municipal Market, or immerse in the Fijian hospitality at traditional villages—each experience will make you feel a part of this vibrant multicultural tableau.

Adventures Galore!

Water sports enthusiast or a nature lover, Suva has something for everyone. Dare the waves with world-class surfing or explore untamed underwaters through scuba diving. If terra firma is more to your liking, Suva's rainforest guarantees thrilling treks and exciting bird-watching opportunities.

Fiji Museum and Thurston Gardens:

Fiji Museum: Explore Fiji's rich history and culture at the Fiji Museum, featuring artifacts dating back 3,700 years. From traditional Fijian canoes to colonial-era items, the museum offers insights into the country's past and present.

Thurston Gardens: Adjacent to the Fiji Museum, Thurston Gardens is a botanical haven with tropical plants like palms, gingers, and orchids. Walk through this lush paradise and enjoy the beauty of nature, including a serene pond with water lilies.

Kava Ceremony: Experience a traditional Kava ceremony, a cultural event in the Pacific Islands. The ceremony involves preparing a beverage from the kava plant's roots, fostering relaxation and social bonding. Participating in a Kava ceremony offers a unique glimpse into South Pacific traditions.

Fijian Village: Step into a Fijian village and experience warm greetings with a loud "Bula!" Family and community are central, with traditional houses called "bures" and a focus on shared responsibilities. Witness traditional dances, known as "meke," performed by villagers, showcasing their history and legends.

Fire Walking and Arts Village: Visit the Arts Village in Pacific Harbour to witness traditional Fijian arts, crafts, and performances. One of the highlights is fire walking, a daring ritual performed by the Sawau tribe from Beqa Island, deeply rooted in their culture. The Arts Village offers a captivating journey into Fijian traditions and culture.

Places to eat & drink In Fiji

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Cuisine to Tantalize Your Taste Buds

When in Suva, feast like a local! Sink your teeth into authentic Fijian dishes such as Kokoda or Palusami at the myriad waterfront restaurants. The unique Fijian Indian fusion cuisine is sure to tickle your taste buds!

Tiko's Seafood Restaurant and Bar: is Suva's only floating restaurant located on the harbor near Stinson Parade, across from Sukuna Park. Renowned for its grilled fish and seafood platters, Tiko's offers spectacular sunset views. Live jazz adds to the ambiance, providing a pleasant background during your meal.

Eden Fiji - Bistro & Bar: Eden Fiji is a delightful spot serving fresh juices, snacks, and meals made from locally sourced ingredients. Enjoy the picturesque botanical garden featuring tropical plants, orchids, ferns, and palms. Encounter various animal species, including parrots, lizards, and butterflies in the butterfly house. Reflect on your day while appreciating the serene surroundings.

Paradiso - Wood Fired Pizzas and More: Paradiso offers a diverse menu with flavors from the proprietor's Pacific and European heritage. Indulge in wood-fired pizzas, fresh pasta, burgers, salads, and Fijian Fusion dishes. The bar provides a selection of local and imported beverages, including wine, beer, spirits, and cocktails. Paradiso is perfect for various occasions, from catching up with friends to romantic dinners or family outings. Enjoy live entertainment on Friday and Saturday nights, but be sure to book early for busy nights.

Need to Know

Questions to Spark your Wanderlust

What unique snorkeling experiences awaits you in Suva? - Discover vibrant coral reefs and diverse marine life while snorkeling in Suva's clear waters.

How will a typical day in Suva encapsulate its rich cultural heritage? - Visit local markets, explore traditional villages, and don’t forget to check out the historical landmarks for a glimpse into Suva's past.

What culinary delights should one not miss when in Suva? - Try local favorites like Kokoda (raw fish salad) and Palusami (dalo leaves filled with coconut cream). Pair those up with some Kava, Fiji’s traditional beverage, to complete the gastronomic journey

Conclusion: Suva - Not Just a City, but an Experience

Suva isn't just a city on the world map; it's an enriching experience waiting to be savoured. It’s an idyllic blend of pristine nature, inviting culture, thrilling adventure, and mouth-watering cuisine. So, whether you're a beach bum, culture vulture, thrill-seeker or foodie, remember this - a vacation in Suva, Fiji, caters to all!

This guide is part of our ongoing series on travel to Fiji.

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