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What Kinds of Bookings Do Fora Advisors Do?

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We all know your Fora Advisor can help book you a stellar hotel for your next vacation. But there's more (always): your advisor can book a number of travel experiences beyond hotels.

From end-to-end transportation to cruises (read more about the benefits of using a cruise travel agent), your Fora Advisor has the tools to not just book you an amazing trip, but to introduce you to some of the most unique travel experiences out there.

Plus, thanks to Fora's exclusive partnerships with thousands of hotels, tour companies and other travel outlets around the world, you get extra perks (food and beverage credit, upgrades…) by booking with your advisor, all for the same cost as doing so directly. As a Fora traveler, it’s all at your fingertips. Read on to discover a few possibilities.

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Transportation, but make it fun


An oft-overlooked benefit to using a travel advisor? Rental cars. Transportation can make or break a trip, and Fora partners with top-tier companies that make this essential part of travel seamless and fun. Have a specific car (and color) in mind to cruise around the Riviera? A Fora Advisor can arrange that for you. Or perhaps you’d prefer a chauffeur to bring you, in style, from point A to B? An advisor can handle those logistics for you, too. 

In other words, Fora Advisors can take care of every point of your trip. They’ll book your hotel, and your rental car, which you can drive to the castle at which they’ve booked you a private tour. The possibilities are nearly endless. (Not convinced yet? Read more about why you need a travel advisor for your next trip.)

Looking for a full itinerary with everything planned? Some advisors will charge for the time it takes to plan out a complete travel itinerary. Feel free to ask your advisor upfront what their fee breakdown is and how it works.

Bespoke experiences


Dreaming about a trip to Scotland? Take a private walking tour through Edinburgh, then hop in a rental car to visit the Scottish Highlands. Grab tickets to Stirling Castle and explore the grounds of this 12th-century beauty. And don’t forget to take a whisky tour: all bookable through your Fora Advisor.

Another option: relish your own villa in Tuscany and wake up to the Italian countryside. In the evening, sit down for dinner with a group of locals. Yes, your Fora Advisor can book this for you, too.

One-of-a-kind adventures


Picture a hike through the mountains of Yosemite National Park, with El Cap rising in the background. After a long day of discovering, roast s’mores over an open fire outside your own luxury airstream, and round out your night in a mid-century-modern clubhouse. In the morning, take some time by the pool or go Sierra cider tasting. 

For a mellower, but nonetheless active experience, head to Switzerland. Ride through the Swiss Alps on a panoramic train and marvel at what is considered one of the most beautiful rail routes in the world. Hop off, take a gentle hike with a hiking tour company and hire a local photographer to document the whole experience (all bookable through your advisor). 

Maybe you're craving a bit of a longer sojourn. Programs like Remote Year allow you to visit places for a month, four months or even a whole year, while arranging all of your lodging and remote work logistics for you. Travel to Athens, Cape Town and Chiang Mai all in one trip. All you have to do is say yes. Your Fora Advisor takes care of the rest.

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Think of your trip as an à la carte menu that your Fora Advisor can guide you through. Already dreaming of your next trip? Get started by finding the right Fora Advisor to help turn that dream into reality — and an amazing memory for years to come. Or, learn how to become a travel agent and join our growing (and very friendly!) community.


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