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At Fora, we’re big on community. And one of the ways we foster connection each day is through Forum, our community app (and the namesake of the Live Forum, our biggest in-person event of the year). 

Forum is our go-to place for sharing announcements, upcoming events, exclusive partner deals, exciting new partnerships, marketing tools, travel tips and so much more. The platform is also a place where our advisors can post about their successes (spending a few minutes in the #WINS channel always makes our entire week), recent travel experiences, hotel recommendations…you get the idea. 

Everyone at Fora — HQ members and advisors included — love cheering each other on. And let’s face it, being an entrepreneur (which all of our advisors are) can be scary and, at times, lonely. Starting your own business is no small feat, which is why it is so much better — and so much more fun — to have the support of a vibrant, diverse, travel-obsessed community behind you. Forum makes that possible.

Have a question about where to book a family of five over Festive? Post it in Forum. Curious if that hot new hotel is actually worth it? Forum helps there, too. Want to host a Fora meet-up in your local city? Forum’s the place to set it up. 

Ask your questions, share your wins, root for others. Forum’s the place to do it. (It’s also where you can keep track of upcoming live trainings and webinars.) Needless to say, we love Forum, mostly because it allows us to interact with our advisors directly (and our advisors are pretty awesome). Think of Forum as your daily dose of positivity, where the vibes are always good. At Fora, you don’t have to build your business alone. And we don’t want you to! Everyone at HQ, plus all of our advisors, have your back.

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