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    Fora Advisor Tanima Mannan

    At Fora, we consider ourselves lucky to have such a diverse, passionate and (of course) travel-obsessed community of advisors.

    So, it's no surprise that we love spotlighting our Fora Advisors and telling their stories. We recently had the privilege of hearing Tanima Mannan's (get ready for your heart to grow a couple sizes!).

    Read on to learn how Tanima got into the industry, why she values travel and where she's off to next.

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    1. Was there a specific moment at which you just knew you were meant for the travel industry? If so, what was it?

    Coming from a hospitality background, I’ve met people from all over the world. My initial requests were for nightlife bookings, which turned into “I’m coming to NYC. Where should I stay?” This expanded to suggestions on where to stay in major cities. People trusted my suggestions and referred me to their friends and colleagues. I've always enjoyed helping people and providing exceptional hospitality, so it was an easy transition to go into travel.

    2. Why is travel important to you personally?

    I find beauty in meeting people from various cultural backgrounds and religions. Traveling enables you to see the world in a whole new way and helps you become more understanding of others. I believe traveling can build bridges between cultures and create a better world full of love and acceptance.

    3. How do you plan your own trips? Which elements are most important to you, personally?

    I plan my trips based on the season and flight deals! I try to avoid the winter in NYC, so you will find me as far away from the cold as possible. This past winter I was in Dubai, Aruba, Cabo and Bangladesh. The most important element when traveling is finding a hotel with an incredible pool that I can relax in. I’m a sucker for nice hotel pools!

    4. What has been the most transformative, impactful trip you’ve experienced? Why?

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    This year I visited my family’s village in Bangladesh, where we fed around 15,000 people during the country’s International Mother Language Day. Every year my family hires a team of 75+ people to prepare a feast for the families of our town. We have quite a few orphanages in our village, and it broke my heart to see hundreds of children arrive. Seeing so many people show up just to have a meal was an eye-opening and extremely humbling experience. Not only do I have a larger appreciation for life, but I’ve realized even further my passion to help others.

    5. What do you love about booking travel for others? 

    I love that I can share my expertise and create magic for my clients. I believe you don’t have to spend a ton of money to have a VIP experience and the little touches during someone’s trip make a world of a difference. 

    6. What’s your favorite way to VIP a trip for a client? (a.k.a.: What is your fave way to make their trip extra special?) 

    When planning a trip I listen to my client’s needs and likes & dislikes. I love having a framed photo of the family or couple when they check into their room. If they love wines and spirits I will also include a bottle for them. I had recently set up a bottle of tequila and mixers for a client’s stay in Mexico and they loved it!

    7. Why did you want to become a Fora Advisor? 

    A good friend recommended Fora to me because of my extensive list of clients and connections. I joined Fora because of how welcoming and stress-free it was to become an advisor. Although I didn’t have a ton of knowledge about the industry, I was set up for success and always had a helping hand along the way.

    8. What has been the best part of being a Fora Advisor?

    The best part is the incredible amount of support I’ve received from the HQ team and other advisors. I feel valued and respected, which creates such a positive culture here. I love being part of a team that welcomes diversity and gives you a sense of belonging, and I am so grateful for this community. 

    9. What are your career goals as a Fora Advisor? 

    With Fora there is no limit as to what you can achieve. I would ultimately love to make travel a full-time gig, and with the support and education that Fora offers, I know overtime that this is possible!

    10. Where are you traveling to next? 

    I leave for Saudi Arabia in a week to perform a religious pilgrimage with my parents. I'm seeing them after seven months, and I’m so grateful to experience this life-changing trip with them. I couldn’t imagine a better trip to go on and to be there with my family just makes it extra special.

    11. What’s your fave hotel, and why?

    Currently my favorite hotel is the Atlantis The Royal in Dubai. The service is fantastic and the rooftop infinity pool is so spectacular. The restaurants have such a great vibe and the rooms are stunning and spacious. They also offer an array of international breakfast options, from dosas to dumplings! It is absolutely insane!

    12. What’s your top bucket-list trip / hotel / cruise?

    I would love to eat my way through Japan, but also add in Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam. I will 100% need a hotel with a gym for this! I also have a pending trip to Marrakech and I would like to promote their tourism during these tough times. La Mamounia and Royal Mansour are on my list for places to stay if I am able to visit!

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