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Transform your passion for cruises into $$$, as a side hustle or full-time gig. Become a Fora Advisor and earn by planning and booking trips.

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Get everything you need to go from travel-lover to professional advisor.

Everything you need to succeed in the cruise travel biz

We bring you cruise travel entrepreneurship in a box, from training to marketing resources & technology.

Your business, simplified

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    Marketing assets and tools

    Build your brand like a top-notch marketer. We provide you the templates, social assets, content and support so you look like a branding genius from day one.

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    Secure and superfast payments

    We're proud to offer the fastest payments in the biz. Cha-ching!

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    License (and registration)

    Get all the nuts and bolts of starting your cruise travel business – from a license that allows you to earn commission to a professional email address. Start selling the day you join – no need to wait.

Fora - Your business, simplified

The best professional community

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    An app to connect with travel experts & advisors

    Get access to our community app to connect with fellow advisors, celebrate wins, share tips and offer live trip-planning support for any cruise itinerary.

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    Training and mentorship

    Access our library of resources & training materials to go from zero to pro. Attend weekly live training sessions, and get hands-on mentorship from industry leaders.

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    Our relationships & our partners

    You’ll benefit from our team’s decades-long relationships with industry professionals.

Fora - The best professional community


Normal Agency

TechnologySilicon Valley engineers building tools for you.
TechnologyPencils and paper (yes, really).
CostLow cost to join, with an affordable and flexible subscription fee.
CostHigh startup costs with training and certification fees.
EarningsThe fastest payments in the biz.
EarningsGet paid 30-90 days post check-out. Maybe.
ApproachWe meet you where you are in life, whether you’re a side-hustler or a career-changer.
ApproachExpects you to quit your job to pursue travel advising full-time.
CultureAn inclusive, collaborative & engaged global community.
CultureNo connection, support or camaraderie.
OnboardingHit the ground running with a personalized & ongoing training curriculum.
OnboardingExpensive (and required) training programs — and outdated curriculums.
Sales QuotasSet your own goals.
Sales QuotasStrict minimum sales requirements.

Everything you need to succeed as a travel advisor

Book just $330/month* in travel, and you’ll cover your subscription fees. Everything after that is your profit to keep. *Based on annual pricing.

per month
$299 billed annually upfront
  • BEST VALUE: Save 25%
  • Easy-to-use booking platform
  • Live training and mentorship
  • Access to 4,500+ preferred partners
  • Custom marketing tools
  • Global community of travel pros

Ready to transform your passion for travel into $$$?

Earn income by planning and booking travel. Sign up to become a Fora Advisor today.

Still have questions? We got you.

A Fora Advisor is a modern travel agent. Fora Advisors earn money by selling and booking trips. They work with clients to understand their vacation needs and handle all the travel arrangements, from booking a staycation hotel to planning a honeymoon. 

The terms travel agent and travel advisor are used interchangeably. The original term was ‘travel agent,’ but the industry has gone through a bit of a rebrand to showcase the breadth of work that a travel advisor does. We use both! 

Fora Advisors are consultants and advocates for their clients, planning travels large and small. A Fora Advisor has access to all of Fora’s training resources, including seamless technology (which makes booking a breeze) and access to experts with destination expertise. Even better, Fora Advisors don’t have to worry about tracking commission payments or invoicing travel partners. We handle all of that, so our advisors can focus on the fun stuff.

A travel agent is someone who sells, curates and books travel. To do so, they typically work under a host agency, such as Fora. Travel agents consult with clients on where to go, what to do and where to stay, and earn commission from booking hotels, cruises, experiences and more. In addition to planning and booking trips, agents communicate with hotels and other partners (tour companies, cruises, etc.) to ensure each trip goes smoothly.

Fora is a host agency, and all of our advisors are automatically licensed to sell, book and plan travel as soon as they join our membership program. Fora offers a business-in-a-box solution to set you up with everything you need to succeed as a travel advisor, ranging from expert-led training to commission tracking & payments, seamless tech to make bookings a breeze and more.

The first step to become a travel agent is to apply to join Fora. Enter your email on this page and you’ll be prompted with a survey to tell us more about yourself. Once you apply, we’ll be in touch if it’s a good fit. From there, you’ll be able to sign up with our membership program and start booking from day one.

Some travel agents work in an office, but Fora Advisors can work from anywhere (yes, anywhere — read more about how to become a travel agent from home). All you need is a passion for travel, a WiFi connection and a can-do attitude — and a few potential clients in your network don't hurt either. Whether you’re after a rewarding side hustle or are looking for a totally fun new career (or something else entirely), Fora has your back. We meet you where you’re at.

Some Fora Advisors focus solely on booking hotels, while others offer full itinerary planning including and on-the-ground experiences (tours, activities, transportation…). In addition to hotels, advisors can book villas, cruises, yacht charters, vacation packages, all-inclusives, car rentals, travel insurance and private aviation. (P.S: check out types of bookings you can make as a Fora Advisor that aren’t hotels.

All over! You name it, we book it. Our advisors book vacations to Costa Rica (a community favorite), Paris, Montana, all around the Caribbean, Australia and beyond. No destination is off-limits (yes, Fora Advisors even book travel to Antarctica).

Fora has partnered with more than 4,500 hotels, meaning our advisors have access to exclusive upgrades & perks at 4,500+ properties around the world, many of which belong to prestigious collections including Virtuoso, Four Seasons, Rosewood and more. We work with both high-end luxury partners as well as lifestyle boutique partners. At Fora, it’s all about meeting your clients where they're at.

Fora travel advisors get paid by earning commissions from their clients' trips — usually from hotel and travel bookings. Travel partners typically pay the agent 10 to 15 percent of the total cost, but sometimes more (depending on the brand and type of partner). 

Unlike at other agencies (where travel advisors frequently have to chase their own commission), we're proud to offer a full-service, backend commission-management department – plus we boast the fastest commission payments in the business. We pay out commission once your client has finished their trip.

Fora Advisors take home the majority (70 percent) of each commission, and Fora keeps a small portion (30 percent) as the host agency. After you book more $300k in commissionable travel in a calendar year, the split changes to 80/20.

At Fora, never. Book as much or as little as you want, on your own terms.

Right away! Once you’ve signed up and joined an onboarding call, you will be set up with our IATA number and can start selling ASAP. No need to wait.

Yes! Booking travel is a great way for creators to generate another income stream. It is important to note that the role of a Fora Advisor is rooted in planning and booking travel, which is different from an affiliate program.

Absolutely! We are ready to welcome experienced travel agents to our community. There’s something for everyone here.

Nope! We never require advisors to recruit other advisors, and our advisors’ earnings come from booking travel. Advisors don’t profit off of anyone else’s bookings. Fora Advisors are independent contractors and earn commissions on their own, without any contingencies, limits or minimums. And, advisors can cancel their Fora subscription and stop booking at any time. No questions asked.

Yes. Fora has E&O Insurance coverage that extends to you upon joining.

As part of joining Fora, you will be a 1099 independent contractor. You do not need to have an LLC to sign up with Fora. Should you want to, though, you can onboard with Fora as an LLC, rather than an individual contractor.

We charge advisors a quarterly ($129) or annual ($299) subscription fee, which includes the cost of Fora’s technology platforms, certified training, admin support and our community app. We’ll set you up with everything you need to succeed, from your first booking to 1,000th and beyond.

Sign up! Enter your email on this page and you’ll be prompted to complete a detailed survey on your travel style and experience. If you meet our criteria, we'll get you onboarded and show you the ropes, so you can start booking travel in no time.