Sep 21, 2022

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Booking Travel with Amex? 9 Reasons Why You Still Need a Fora Advisor

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Joshua Tree National Park, California

Think you don’t need a travel advisor because you have those trusty Amex benefits? Think again. While booking your travel with Amex can be a great way to use your points, having a Fora Advisor by your side will ensure you’re still getting the trip of your dreams with someone who knows and understands your travel style and can be there with you every step of the way. Oh, and did we mention it’s free?

Here are nine reasons you’ll want to use a Fora Advisor for your next trip, and our best tips for how to make your Amex card work WITH your travel advisor – rather than against them. In other words? You get the best of both worlds.

Connect with a Fora Advisor to customize & book your trip today. 

1. You’ll never have to talk to a call center again

Fora Travel Advisor Brit Healey

Fora Advisor Brit Healey

Time is precious, and yours shouldn’t be spent on hold with a call center. But when something goes wrong with your trip booked with Amex, that's exactly where you'll end up: with a 1-800 number. With a Fora Advisor, you’ll always talk to a real person (in fact, it’ll often be the same person, someone you get to know) and you’ll never, ever be put on hold. That’s because you’re building a personal relationship with your travel advisor who is there to meet your needs.

2. You’ll get a trip tailored to you

Woman On a Lakefront

When you book travel with Amex, it's all DIY, and you're left to your own resources to research & plan the perfect trip. Your Fora Advisor is a travel expert who lives and breathes travel. That not only means that your Fora Advisor is going to collaborate to plan an awesome trip for you, but it’ll be one completely customized to your needs and preferences. Love 19th-century history and staying at historic properties? No problem. Traveling with two small children and need to arrange for an early check-in? We’ve got you covered there, too. Your Fora Advisor can help take care of the big things and the little things, meaning all you have to do is show up and have an amazing time, knowing all the details are taken care of.

3. You’ll get the best room (rather than the worst one)

The St. Regis Dubai - The Palm Presidential Suite

The St. Regis Dubai, The Palm - Presidential Suite

Here’s some travel insight: when you book a hotel with Amex's booking engine, your booking is considered a third-party booking. That means that unless you’re using a specific Amex program like the Amex Fine Hotels + Resorts program available to Platinum and Centurion cards, your booking isn't considered as VIP as you might have been led to believe.

Because hotels make very little money on third party bookings, they reserve their best rooms (like the ones with the prettiest views) for rooms booked by travel advisors as well as direct bookings. So if you want to be treated like the VIP you are, skip booking your hotel with your Amex and use your points for your flight instead.

4. You’ll (still) get special perks and welcome amenities, plus a personalized touch

Wine, Flowers, Fruit

Not only can your Fora Advisor get you a better room, but travel advisors also come equipped with partnerships that can provide you with special benefits and perks to your hotel stay. Some of those things, like a bottle of wine or a fruit plate upon arrival, are little things that make you feel like a VIP. Other things, like free upgrades, spa discounts, and free breakfast, add major cost savings to your trip. If you're well-versed with Amex, you know that you also have access to many perks through their program as well... Booking with a Fora Advisor means you're still getting these perks – plus you have the added bonus of working one-on-one with someone who's making sure your trip is extra special.

5. You’ll have a direct line to the General Manager

Fora Travel Advisor Swaylah Faroqi

Fora Advisor Swaylah Faroqi

Because travel advisors spend time getting to know the places they’re recommending, there’s a good chance that your Fora Advisor already knows the management team personally – and that will come in handy big-time if and when you need something during your stay. Forget feeling like another number. You’ll be at the top of the management team’s list and you’ll feel the difference in hospitality instantly.

6. You’re helping support a small business


Chitra Stern of Martinhal Family Hotels & Resorts

Travel advisors earn money through bookings – hotels pay us for doing our job, the same way they'd pay a big booking site. It’s one thing to continue to fuel a corporate engine like Amex – and a whole other thing to know that your money supporting an entrepreneur and small business owner. Our Fora Advisors are travel lovers from around the world, from full-time parents to teachers to anthropologists, building small businesses of their own because they get a rush out of booking incredible trips for others. Your Fora Advisor could be your neighbor, or another parent from your kid’s soccer league. When you book with them, you’re directly supporting their dreams and their careers.

7. You’re putting money back into that very hotel you love


Soneva Fushi, an Eco-friendly resort, located in a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

Whether you’re staying at a cool, woman-owned boutique hotel, or an eco-friendly resort giving back to the local community, you can feel confident knowing that when you book with a travel advisor, you’re actually putting more of your money into the hands of the hotel itself, without spending a penny extra. That’s because third-party booking platforms and booking sites take a large cut from the hotel when you book with them – money that that hotel never sees.

8. You don’t need to be a points expert to use a travel advisor

Fora Travel Advisor Gaya Vinay

Fora Advisor Gaya Vinay

Sometimes it may feel like you need to be a real points expert to be able to navigate your Amex Travel Portal and know when you’re getting a better experience with your points, and when you won’t. Knowing all the nuances of the points game shouldn’t be your job - and with your Fora Advisor by your side, it doesn’t need to be. Now, you can rest assured that you’re going to get a top-quality experience whenever you book with your travel advisor, without having to look at all the fine print.

9. It’s free

Woman On a Mountain

You’re used to shelling out extra for your Amex travel agent to plan your trip. Did we mention our favorite part: that using a Fora Advisor is completely free? At this point, it’s a no-brainer.

So… when DO you use your Amex points?

Results are in, and yes, there ARE great ways to use Amex to book travel. Points experts agree that the best place to do it is on airfare, where you’ll get the most bang for your buck without missing out on the special hotel amenities that travel advisors can offer their travelers.

But why decide? Your Amex card and your Fora Advisor can actually work together as that power team to make your next trip as affordable AND personalized as possible. An easy way to use both is by using your points for airfare, and then working alongside an advisor to customize and book the rest.

Get started by finding a Fora Advisor to help you book your next trip.


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