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A collage of four images showing a slice of the traveling life: a women in a white skirt holds a wide-brimmed hat and walks calf-deep in water along a beach, a comfy bedroom with eccentric but minimalist wares, a brightly-lit entry stairwell, a quietly luxurious outdoor pool off of two private rooms.

Friend with (hotel) benefits perks list

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An outdoor dining scene with focus on just the hand holding a glass of white wine and the table before the person, which is well-lit and has a bowl of nuts and the wine bottle set out.

Ana Mari gets it

"I've always been hotel obsessed, so when I heard about Fora it was a no-brainer, I had to join. It's a total win/ win, my friends get the insider experience at my favorite hotels and I get a kick-back (from the hotel) for hooking them up."

Ana Mari smiles back at the viewer while walking along a modernist paved garden path.